The darkness can only last so long. Winter turns to spring and the sunshine illuminates all the dark clouds we’ve walked amongst. How strong we’ve become through it all. Forgiveness is our work now before we can freely enter the new life that is waiting for us. Like going through the eye of a needle, there are things that we must shed.

Healing is a collective job. The more we become, the more love we have and the hope tanks of everyone around us become refilled. Why? Because we are the light bearers. We are the seekers and the seers and the intuitives. It’s through us that the rest of the world realizes their access to their own divine light because they see us doing it. Seeing is believing. We are the conduits. We are the literal light bringers to the world so desperately in need of it.

Spring is our reminder of what we have. The gifts that were given to us at birth have never left us. As the spring sun peaks through the winter clouds, as so our gifts do the same. Life is hard. Life is also beautiful. It’s a wonderful duality – a dance, a flow.

As we do our own work to cleanse through the pain, the sadness, the grief, the trauma, the anger of this human experience, we heal ourselves and we also heal each other. We grow together. We learn new ways of being in the world that allows a different path to be illuminated for others. And then the most magical thing happens – we allow them to see that they get to choose. Old template vs. new possibilities. Unicorns, fairy dust, potential, co-creation with love and an energy so much larger than our humanly brains can even conceive. But first, space needs to be created.

Love the people who hurt you. It was ever about you afterall. Learn from the experience. Grow. Expand. Fill your body with even more love, because there’s now room for it to exist. There will unfortunately always be people who hurt you, who wrong you, who treat your as less than human, who take advantage of you as if you don’t matter, who may even make you start to mistrust the world around you and the people in it. Love them anyways. They need to feel it the most. Love can help them cut through their own pain and numbness. Remember, hurt people hurt people – and even so, their journey isn’t about you. You might’ve just been the trigger that got caught in the crossfire. Loving them doesn’t have the intention to fix them or council them. Just see them in your mind’s eye and send so much love to them that it wraps them so tightly you can actually see their hurt start to melt away, as if a thick layer of ice was melting around them to reveal their core essence – love. You CAN do that.

Empathy. Compassion. It’s our birthright as humans. It’s ok to live in a way others don’t understand and question. Live that way anyway. This life is your template. Yours. Create it with every color in the box, and even with colors that aren’t in the box. Color outside the lines, create your own drawing, display it proudly. Love fiercely. Do it your way. Heal others just by being vulnerably yourself.

Speak your truth. Feel the depths of a bottomless and expansive ocean of love you have inside of you. Know who you are, your worth, who you were made to be. Step out into a world that needs so much more of you. Don’t shrink – instead, be too much. Allow people to feel what love feels like. See the beauty all around you. Show others how to see it – point it out to them. Help them see the variety of lenses available to them.

Experience the world and all of it’s uniqueness. It will never be the same. Evolution is real, both in our inside and outside worlds. Be present. Enjoy each moment. Stop thinking 40 steps ahead. Get out of your head and into your body. What do you feel? What do you want to feel? What desires and longings do you have that you want so much it aches? Identify these things in yourself. Become so intimately connected to yourself that you become your own intuitive lover. Know yourself even more deeply than you wish someone else to know you. Show the world how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

Talk with your wounded inner child. What do they need from you? Where does your forgiveness work begin? Take the layers off. Be naked. See what is. See who you try to hide. Bask in the divine beauty you see. Knowing the feeling of love for yourself strips away the power of needing outside validation. See the version of you as your highest self. Take steps to become more of what your intuition knows to be true. Step into your light. Wrap yourself in love. Open your eyes wide and take it all in. Be here, now. Stand in the sun. Say yes when it’s a full body yes. Say no when it’s a full body no.

Stand in your truth. Forgive. Let go. Love them. Love yourself.

Heal them as you heal yourself.

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