Quiet Your Life Tip #2 – set Do Not Disturb boundaries on your phone.

I can write an entire month’s worth of content just on this topic, but I’ll keep it brief. The constant pings from your phone TOTALLY disrupt your flow, ever notice that? We’ve become a total tech-obsessed society and we’re glued to these suckers. Do you ever sit and try to remember what life was like before cellphones and the internet and social media? Me too. You’d be amazed what not looking at your phone will do for your life, but it’s really hard when it literally calls to you with it’s digs, music, buzzing and other racket.

Figure out how to work the Do Not Disturb settings on your phone. Set DND to start at a certain point at night (mine starts at 8pm) and set it to turn off at a certain point the next day (mine turns off at 9am). During the DND time, I don’t receive any kind of notification signals (they still show on my phone, but my phone isn’t making any kind of noise or lighting up). You can still choose to receive phonecalls from certain people (if you’re worried about emergencies) or any phonecall in general. It’s very customizable to your needs, but let’s be real – for most of us, we don’t receive many emergency calls right? So let’s take some proactive measures to mind our self-care and do a total disconnect from our phone’s jaws!

Do you already have Do Not Disturb (or something of the like) set up on your phone? What’s been working for you here?

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