What are your dreams?

When was the last time someone asked you what your dreams were? In fact, when was the last time YOU considered what your dreams were? In a world where burnout and exhaustion are running rampant, what would it be like to transport yourself into your imagination to get back in touch with the life you really want to be living?

An integral part of The How to Human Experience, this virtual 2 hour dream board (also called visionboard) workshop for businesses and organizations of all sizes helps you create time to find clarity, focus on your authentic life, visualize ideal outcomes and learn techniques to make your vision board even more powerful. In the world of Zoom and workshop fatigue, this option helps to infuse some childlike fun back into the work day in a way that connects your team in a different way, while giving them the chance to remember and become inspired by their desires.

Be Inspired

So what exactly does this workshop look like and why is it so much different from the typical visionboard workshop you might have already been to? Most visionboards and visionboard workshops are focused on one thing – the creation of the visionboard. This means that right when you walk in you’re already diving into magazines and gluing things on your board before you’ve even really given any thought to what you want your life to look like beyond certain external, top-of-mind goals.

The focus of this workshop is the journey – we don’t even touch materials until halfway through the workshop. This workshop is about guiding you to take time out of your busy life, put yourself in a little bubble and really do a deep dive into yourself by yourself to rediscover the you that may have gotten lost somewhere along the way in the midst of our seemingly never-ending list of adult responsibilities, relationships, kids, careers, etc. Being guided through journaling prompts, you and your journal go to town doing a deep reflection into your desires, wants, needs, who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have and more importantly – why do you want those things?

Then we get to the actual dream board creation process, which is guided step-by-step. There’s no right or wrong way to create your dream board, each person has full reign over their creation. Materials can be plenty or scarce. Creations can be on posterboard, walls, mirrors – I’ve even had someone paint on a canvas. It can be bold and colorful, or black and white. There are truly no rules in this workshop.

Take INSPIRED Action

Because most dreams don’t often just fall into your lap by wishing them into existence, we then learn to bring our dream board to life by taking inspired action towards actualizing your dreams.

You might just be so inspired by getting back in touch with your dreams that you want to create a separate dream board with your partner/spouse and/or kids!

I’d love to be your team’s guide through this fun process, want to come play?

If the sound of this workshop makes you excited to learn more, I’d love to set up a time to get to know you and your organization to see if this is the right fit for you!

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