You up for a challenge? So, now normally I’m not an Oprah fan, I’m not sure I’ve ever watched any
of her shows. Ever. I’ve been kinda addicted to Super Soul Sunday though, and it inspired me to clean out my closet again. Normally about twice a year I go through my clothes and shoes and donate anything I don’t need/want to Goodwill, which I did about a month or so ago.

On one of the SSS episodes recently something got brought up and they were talking about how people hang onto things “just in case” or “when I lose/gain x amount of weight” and this results in a lot of negative energy in your closet because it’s not stuff you’re actually wearing, it’s not stuff that makes you feel good. So I got to thinking, I’ve never actually gone through my closet with the intention of only keeping what makes me feel good. Huh…

Here’s the result – 3 garbage bags chock full of clothes, shoes and accessories deemed “keepers” a couple months ago on their way to Goodwill. I honestly cannot even explain how the energy shifted in my closet – I know that probably sounds insane, but I’m serious. It’s like I can breathe in there now – try it and tell me what changes you see!!


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