For things to change, you must change.

I use to severely buck the idea of journaling. I didn’t see the point in it. Then I read Julia Cameron’s book Artist’s Way, especially her practice of morning pages, and it changed. Stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning and journaling are different, but the concept is still the same.

Empty the overflowing bucket of your brain. Get it out. Make room for other things to flow in.

One of the things I’ve come to love about journaling, specifically on the new and full moons, is the reflection that comes way after the fact. With the Pisces full moon coming up tomorrow, I can look back on the Pisces new moon that happened back in March to see where I was then, what seeds I intended to plant and how much life has changed since then.

The version of Misty I was yesterday feels so far away, let alone 6 months ago. I love that journaling gives me a pause to reflect and be proud of how far I’ve come since then and also remind me of the work I still am in the process of doing.

If you want to stop having the same experiences over and over again, YOU must change – mostly change the way you treat yourself. Your boundaries. Your relationship with yourself. Your embodiment of all the things you desire. When you do this, your vibe changes and you attract people and experiences into your life that align with that frequency. When things and people come into your life that are out of alignment with this frequency (because this WILL happen), your intuition knows sooner than it did before.

The more connected you become with yourself, the more the outside stuff doesn’t have the same bite as it once did.

You learn to become more unattached. I always come back to something I learned from Tosha Silver – anything that is meant for you will never miss you. Meaning any person, circumstance, thing, experience, etc. that you’re meant to have in your life, you will. Somehow someway. While it’ll still require work, it’ll feel good, it’ll feel fluid and easy. There’s no chase or force involved.

If you need help here, I’m launching a Warrior Goddess series in September in True North to help you embody these concepts.


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