The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees

By Misty Hudek Giordano.

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Book Description: In a world full of “do, do, do,” meet the goals, manage 100+ tasks at once, accept the 60 hour work weeks with a smile, get to work on time, don’t call off work sick, have a great attitude, don’t complain, stay focused – and make sure you also take care of your health, exercise, drink enough water, spend time with your family, be a stellar parent and model citizen, get enough sleep and eat well – it’s no wonder emotional turmoil and disease are running rampant in our workplaces.

For the employee…This springboard-style book is a means to introduce simple and most often free or low-cost self-care practices anyone can do while in any kind of work environment, without getting in trouble with their employer. The core belief of this book is the best healthcare comes from proactive self-care.

For the employer…The intention of this book is to help employees learn and implement ways they can mind their own self-care within the work environment. Proactive self-care practices can result in decreased stress levels, improved emotional intelligence, less sick days, improved morale and lower healthcare costs among many other benefits. This book is a great resource for business owners as well. How you show up to lead yourself and your company has a ripple effect throughout your organization. Inspire those around you. Lead by example.

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The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees

Overcoming Mediocrity

By Christie Lee Ruffino with contributions from Misty Totzke

Book Description: Overcoming Mediocrity is a unique collection of stories from resilient women who have created their own lives of significance in their personal, physical and spiritual lives…

Who are the women of today who are creating lives of significance? These women vary from business leaders to those who are making a difference in smaller, more personal ways, and they all have compelling, motivating stories to share. Filled with empowering stories that encourage women to learn from the experiences of resilient women. Be inspired as you read about their lives and learn for yourself how to make a bigger impact in the world.