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Here at Love Your Life we’re about embodiment. Deep living. Joy. Curiosity. Aliveness. Compassion. Radiance. Freedom. Kindness. Intuition. Flow. Fun. Living from your core essence.

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Connection – The How to Human Experience Virtual Masterclass

This virtual, self-paced program is all about the journey back home to ourselves. It’s about developing an intimate relationship with ourselves, creating time pockets in our daily lives for our needs to exist and be fulfilled. It’s about doing less, cutting the noise and distractions so we can get back to what matters most – ourselves and the lives we’ve created.

Divine Radiance – A Virtual Resource Collection for Women

This resource share could’ve easily been called “Some things I wish I would’ve known in my twenties.” As women, we’re taught very little about the magic we naturally inhibit being a woman. Here, we deep dive into our menstrual cycle phases and how to use them to support our lives and talk about taboo topics like tantra. They might just be the next breadcrumbs on YOUR path to embodying your feminine radiance!

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About Me

Speaker, Mentor, Author

I started realizing how much of our outside reality is actually dictated by how we’re feeling inside and what we’re allowing inside our bodies (not just food, but thoughts, emotions, toxic relationships, work stress, lack of self-love, self-neglect, etc.) I felt called to be a conduit for all these amazing tools I’ve gathered, quite honestly for myself to heal through my own traumas, tragedies and losses, to flow from me to you.


Ignite Your Love for Your Life – 2 Hour virtual workshop

When was the last time someone asked you what your dreams were? Not the dreams you dream during the night, but your vision for your life. This workshop creates the container for a deep dive to find out and bring them to life! We’re creating deeply rich lives in Ignite, join us?

Online Community

True North Collective – Virtual Membership Hub

This is the place to be to play together in real time! In this membership hub you’ll receive access to member only workshops, virtual healing experiences from other practitioners, Self-Care Around the World and so many other things! Come play with us!!


The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees

This springboard-style book is a means to introduce simple and most often free practices and constructs to help you connect back to yourself daily. Get back on your list by grabbing my book The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees!

Plant Medicine Solutions

Herbal Apothecary

A large piece of feeling alive and vibrant is supporting our bodies in any way we can. Our ancestors swore by plants for all kinds of uses, and call me crazy, but I think they were onto something! Here is where you’ll find more info on using plant extracts for natural health support.

From the Blog


Kind Words from Kind People

Misty was one of the first individuals to engage our organization during COVID. She did a wonderful job of using concepts like mindfulness and balance with tools for participants to continue their journey while working from home.
Ranieka Weston
I must say, Misty is a woman of care and determination and resilience. Her positive attitude and professionalism and most of all her workshops, have helped me reach a unique state of mind that helps me reach my own goals each day. Working with Misty has also helped me reach new perspectives of life to where I’m able to look at everything going on in my life in a positive, constructive way that allows me to live enjoying every moment in my life. She is just so wonderful and beautiful inside and out.
Blanca Hines

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