True North Collective

Soul medicine with members only content and community hub to get intimate with your core essence.

Cyclical living. At-home medicine making. Sacred solitude. Sustainable self-care. Trusting yourself. Letting your intuition and curiosity lead your way.


Bravely choosing to live differently.

Whether you use Ignite, Connection or Divine Radiance as your foundation or not, the True North Collective can be an incredibly helpful adjunct to your aliveness journey. Filled with additional workshops, seasonal offerings, coaching posts and other offerings that hit the needs in the now, True North Collective is where the expansion happens in real time.

  • Ignite guides you to dig deep into your core desires and what you want your life to look
  • Connection helps you create pockets of time to connect back to yourself and your life with authenticity, giving you a new sense of aliveness and freedom within your life
  • Divine Radiance connects you back to your divine feminine essence to use all the tools and gifts we, as women, are given at birth in new ways
  • The True North Collective takes it a step further to help you build and grow within yourself, exposing you to what’s out there beyond what your eyes can currently see. Experience healing modalities, work through roadblocks in real time, understand what’s happening in your own energy fields and so much more.

Experiences are the key to growth and in The True North Collective, the aim is to bring those experiences to you in a group workshop setting. Because some of Misty’s greatest transformations came by way of being introduced to amazing resources, people and tools, The True North Collective is where she’s excited to share those with you. You can expect group experience workshops with amazing practitioners, intuitive coaching videos, additional tools and resources as Misty finds them.

While encouraged, completing Ignite, Connection and/or Divine Radiance are not required for membership to The True North Collective.

What members receive

  • Earth Medicine workshops including self-care and lifestyle rituals around the world and plant medicine
  • Free access to group healing circle events and additional workshops and virtual community events
  • Seasonal wellbeing and home remedy making tutorials
  • Virtual group healing experiences with other holistic practitioners

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