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Something has shifted energetically in the last couple weeks, have you felt it too?! I have been insanely happy and full of love – quite literally, and for no specific reason. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I probably have more reasons to NOT be happy than I have in a really long time if I let myself go there. I’m not though because really, what’s the fun in that?! My influx of joy has actually become quite the spectacle, people have started to notice and within the last week, I’ve been asked if I’m on drugs, if I’m drinking, if I’m having an affair, and I’m all cheesin like, nope! People don’t seem to think someone can be so internally happy that it overflows into outward giddy chaos and I thought that was so sad. The truth is I’ve been working at clearing massive amounts of emotional baggage, loving myself, figuring out what lights me up brighter than the sun, how to have fun with the smallest things (like toes, I spent 15 minutes in my truck the other day marveling at what God must’ve been thinking when he gave humans toes – they’re so goofy looking in the most fun way ever LOL). I think I can attribute a lot of my overflowing inner joy to a group of really amazing women I found back in August. More on that later though.

One thing this world totally needs is a massive movement for each and every person to show OURSELVES more love. Our physically bodies, our emotions, our spirituality – all of it! Because you know what? You are fucking amazing. For real. You have a heart that beats without you having to tell it to. You have lungs that breathe in and out without you having to do a damn thing. THAT in and of itself is magnificent and mind-boggling and you know what – there’s unfortunately a lot of people who can’t say that, or they have to rely on machines to do that stuff for them. Have GRATITUDE for your being, because you’re imperfectly perfect. Regardless of your situation, you have SO much to be grateful for. So so much – in fact, if you want to share something with me that you’re having trouble feeling gratitude for, email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you. I’ve had such a perspective shift in the last few months, I’d love to share that with you.

As a bonus, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to show myself some love in the mornings. This is something that can bring a huge, cheesy smile to that beautiful face of yours, so get ready to put on some happy, feel-good music and have a full-on dance party!! Most people are sometimes hesitant to show you their music playlists – sometimes I feel like you’d have a better chance of them letting you read their journal than asking to see the music they have on their phone lol

My challenge to you is to download these, or any other songs that make you happy and feel amazing about yourself. Go ahead, sing these to YOURSELF in the mirror, let yourself smile and dance around like a damn fool while you’re showering and getting ready in the morning. Talk about getting yourself in a high-vibe mood before your day really even starts! And if someone sees you? Who the eff cares?! You love yourself enough to make someone else smile over your joy =)

PS – have some songs to add to this list? I totally want to know!! Will you comment here with the names so I and everyone else can add them to our danceparty lists?! =D


My Self-Love Danceparty Playlist!

  • Classic – Mkto
  • Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Happy Girl – Martina McBride
  • Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  • Fighter – Christina Aguilera
  • Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Watch Me Do – Meghan Trainor
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  • Just Like Fire – Pink
  • I Won’t Let You Down – Meghan Trainor
  • Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya
  • Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  • Brave – Sara Bareilles
  • Never Gonna Let You Down – Colbie Caillat

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  1. You’re adorable and I love you! Morning dance parties (actually, whenever dance parties, because I’m like that yo) are a must for me! Me Too by Megan Trainor has been on my list for a while .

    I’m really into kpop and have a few of those on my dance party mix. You might love Hello Bitches by CL and War of Hormone by BTS! Let me know keke.

    Love the happy energy beautiful. You deserve all the goodness. I’m grateful for you ♡.

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