Make Your Mess Your Message

I’ve been listening to Tiffany Peterson’s Gratitude and Generosity series this week and one of the quotes she touched on that totally hit me was “your mess is your message.” Now granted, I don’t think this was actually her quote, but she said it and then explained it as every single thing that has ever happened to you has shaped who you are. Not only who you are, but what you have to give to and teach other people about. Your dog getting sick, a close family member passing away from a debilitating illness, losing your job, finding your passion, having the courage to say no, getting out of a toxic relationship, every single thing that has made up the beautiful mess of your life (because everyone’s life has messy events in them) has given you that much more to give. It’s given you life experiences that you can help other people through. I feel like that is such a beautiful thing, don’t you? I’m totally encouraging you to relive a few of these events and find what there is to be grateful for instead of how awful it was to experience.

Always remember there’s good in everything! Dishes to do? That means you have food to eat. Laundry to fold? You have clothes to wear. Spouse piss you off? You have someone to love. Alarm went off at 7am? You’re alive and breathing.

Spin what you might’ve originally thought of as a negative into the positive and you’ll see how much better you feel about the situation! Then take all that light and love and share it with other people who might be going through the same thing and needing that perspective and energy <3


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