Let’s talk about thawing out. Resensitizing yourself to life and being human, if you will.

I love all the elements, but fire has taught me so much. I’m a solstice birthdaybaby (December 21st, the Winter Solstice), riding the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, so you can say it isn’t surprising. While I can channel my Cap traits to get some shit done, my natural essence is far more the playful Sag🙃

Ever heard of a control burn? When brush and weeds overtake the land, professionals come in to set it on fire, on purpose, for new growth to happen. They stand watch to make sure the fire burns away what needs to go, but is contained as to not spread past where it needs to be. Like sacred guardians of the fires.

We can do much the same in our own lives.

We can easily become so numbed out to life that sometimes we need to light a match, tortch the fuck out of the shit that needs to go and see what’s left. Beneath the weeds that were burying our desires, lives sensation. A pulse. An inner fire.

If we’re brave enough to feel the pulse, protect it, nourish and feed it, that pulse becomes us and becomes who we are in this life.

Control burns happen every year in nature, and just like nature we need to keep tending to our inner fires, keeping our pulse for life healthy and headed down the path of our desires and what we know we want for our lives. At all costs.

When we give ourselves permission to feel everything, we can easily identify what stays and what gets burned with love. In the burn, we find our self-worth and as such, there’s reverence in the burning. We use it as medicine to fuel a much bigger inner fire for our lives.

TBT to that one birthday in 2018 where I said “you know what would be really fun? Learning to spin fire”

And in good Misty fashion, that’s exactly what I did 🔥

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