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Big changes are in the air, can you feel the energy shift?

When we feel something big is on the horizon, it’s important to prepare. We typically think of preparing as an outward, external task. What needs to change about our environments, our lives to create space and prepare for what wants to come into our lives?

I’d love for you to consider putting that perspective in the background for now. Instead, who do you need to become to resonate with the vibrational frequency of what’s trying to be delivered to you? That to say – what thoughts, beliefs, stories, ways of being (in the external world, yes, but most importantly who you’re being to yourself and from an inward perspective) that need to be uprooted?

Weeds grow amidst the flowers all the time, and it’s unfortunately a full-time job pulling them. I wrote in my book The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees about dandelions being a weed, but also holding such potent medicine. Even when you think you’ve pulled them all, they still crop up – seemingly overnight. Unfortunately, for new seeds to be planted and flourish under your care, the old, dead and sometimes toxic matter needs to be seen and tilled up to have fresh soil. (Also to my gardeners – yes, I know I’m making generalizations and this isn’t always true lol for analogy purposes, it’s an invitation to see past the technicalities and go with it for now).

The weeds of our lives can hold incredibly potent medicine also. They’re our teachers, they’re markers of where we’ve been and how our beliefs have been shaped by our circumstances and experiences. They’re our upper limits – a term Gay Hendricks taught me in his book The Big Leap. In summary, we tend to only allow ourselves to feel joy, abundance, love, etc. to the extent we’ve felt it in the past. When it starts to try to go beyond that, it hits our own glass ceiling and we (knowingly or unknowingly) sabotage the experiences so they can get brought back down to a level we’re comfortable with. It’s a fantastic book, highly recommend it.

When I think of my upper limits, you know what comes to mind? The Wonkavator. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the 1970’s one) is still one of my all time favorite movies. We can have an entire discussion on the relevancy and significance of so many things in that movie, but for these purposes I’m specifically referring to the end of the movie when Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka get in the Wonkavator and he tells Charlie to push a button, any button, it’ll take him anywhere he wants to go. He points to a specific button and tells him no one has ever pushed that button before. Then you know what happens? That button gets pushed and they, fearfully, blast through the glass ceiling of the chocolate factory and sail far above the town, like they were in a hot air balloon. Through the journey, Willy wasn’t even sure if the Wonkavator could get up enough speed to blast through, but it did.

I’m a big nerd, but it gives me chills thinking about it and writing it down for you. Charlie was hand selected for Willy Wonka’s greatest gift not by his successes, his achievements, his wealth, but by who he was. By his character, his honesty. If you’ll remember in the movie, the only reason Charlie found the golden ticket at all was because he found money in the street to buy the chocolate bar. Because of his poverty though, he was able to experience the joy of the journey in a very different way than the others.

There are layers of gifts here to uncover, but there’s a true gift in the not having and having to go on a wild adventure to gather the gifts along the way. It makes you see and appreciate everything in the world from a different vantage point. The lens of your life becomes far more attuned to the little things most people overlook. Bringing it all full circle, again, sometimes the weeds in our lives hold the greatest medicine and are somehow someway teaching us and forcing us to grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams.

Alchemy is the art of turning raw matter into gold. I have a lot of mentors who refer to taking trauma, losses, old beliefs and past pains into the cauldron of your being (that is, being aware that they exist and acknowledging them rather than pushing them back under the rug), bringing the potency of your love to them, inviting your wounded inner child in (afterall, your inner child is who usually gets hurt in it all), and asking the important questions – what is this teaching me? What/who needs to be forgiven? What part did I play that I need to forgive myself for? How is this experience asking me to do things differently going forward?


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