How to Use Essential Oils Aromatically Misty Totzke

For the next 3 weeks I’m going to be tackling a big question I get asked a ton about essential oils- “I get what oils are, I get where they come from, but how the heck do I use them?! And more importantly, how do I KNOW how and when to use them?! There are so many!”

Grab some tea (or coffee) and settle in my little cherub, I shall teach you!

Let’s first break down when you might want to use oils aromatically, and really – what the word aromatically even means when it comes to oils.

First thing’s first – when we talk about using oils aromatically, we’re talking about any method of breathing the oils in. That could look like a number of different ways – anything from using a diffuser to smelling the oil right from the bottle to making a room spray and anything in between. Let me tell you this early on, be open to experimentation and a little trial and error. There aren’t really any “wrong” ways to use essential oils aromatically, but I’ll break down some best practices for you and easy ways to do it!

Next, let’s talk about what’s happening when you’re using oils aromatically, because it’s pretty freakin cool! So using oils aromatically helps to first support your respiratory system. I’m someone who has had some rough respiratory issues since I’ve been little, especially when the weather changes. Because my lungs and respiratory system are a priority for me, using oils aromatically to help support them is awesome! If you picture breathing the aroma of an essential oil into your body, you’re breathing it into your lungs right? So think about how amazing breathing Peppermint might feel to your respiratory system. Think about using the Breathe Respiratory Blend in those instances too. I know what you’re saying – Misty, but HOW do I use them like that?! Keep reading, I’ll tell you, swear!

Not only is breathing oils in helping your respiratory system, but it’s also servicing every cell in your body just from breathing it in. Not only that, but you’re also using oils in a really potent way to help in the area of emotions! Using oils aromatically is one of the easiest ways to change the mood in your house! Let’s talk through that – in our sniffer we have this super cool thing called the olfactory system which is responsible for carrying the essential oil molecules and signals to your brain, which is in the driver’s seat of our emotional responses. Let’s think this through – let’s say you’ve had a particularly crazy, stressful day at work. You come home and your brain is just on fire. Think about what breathing in something calming and relaxing (like Lavender or Cypress) might do to your emotions and body. Another example is if you’ve been feeling really down and just sort of blah, think about what breathing in something happy and uplifting, like a citrus oil (Wild Orange is amazing for this!), could do to lift your mood. I love doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy system for everything mood related, and it’s so easy to use with the Emotional Aromatherapy wheel.

Another really cool thing about using oils aromatically is the way it actually helps cleanse the air of impurities and odors. When you’re using a water-based essential oil diffuser, the oil molecules get suspended in the air for a longer period of time to help fight the bad guys. Think about using OnGuard Protective Blend when there’s an abundance of immune-compromising gunk in the air.

Before we get into the different methods of how to use oils aromatically, let’s just do a quick recap of why using essential oils aromatically is pretty kickass:

  • Supports the respiratory system
  • Helps cleanse the air of impurities
  • Supports your entire body on the cell level
  • Provides and easy means for emotional support

OK! So let’s move on to a few of my favorite ways to use essential oils aromatically:

  • Essential oil diffuser (this is different from a humidifier or any other electronic device that isn’t specifically made for essential oils). I love diffusers because they’re completely reusable, they’re portable and you can change out the oils you’re using anytime you’d like. Personally, I love water-based diffusers because you only use about 5 drops of essential oil (if you’re using doTERRA’s oils, if you’re using other oils you may need more drops). I’ve found that waterless diffusers aren’t super ideal because you blow through your oils really quick, but if you’re diffusing in a salon or spa where a quick change of oils is ideal, these might be a better option.
    • For water-based diffusers I love the new Lumo diffuser or Petel diffuser (both from doTERRA, duh lol)
    • For waterless diffusers, I love doTERRA’s AromaAce diffuser (it comes with a bottle of OnGuard too!)
    • For a car diffuser option, doTERRA sadly currently doesn’t have one available, but I’m digging on this one I just bought from Amazon.
  • Placing a drop of oil in your hands, rub them together and cup them over your nose and mouth and inhale
  • Smelling the oil right from the bottle – just open the bottle, stick it under your schnoz and breathe in the peace
  • Wearing the oil topically or on a piece of aromatherapy jewelry (like a diffuser bracelet!) so you can smell the oil all day long (a word of caution on this one – be careful of skin sensitivities, there’s no harm in diluting the oil with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, especially if it’s a “hot” oil like a spice oil (think oregano, clove, etc.) Also, don’t use citrus oils before you go outside as it can also cause some skin sensitivities. Avoid using citrus oils 12 hours or so on any exposed skin before heading outside into the sunlight.

Remember, be open to play and finding new ways to use your essential oils that is best for you and your family! One thing to keep in mind is to always keep your oils away from direct heat and light, this means it isn’t ideal to put oils into any kind of plug-in or warmer (I know, I was disappointed too). The reason is because direct heat and light actually damage the natural properties of the oils, and while they still might smell ok, you’re not getting the benefits you would if you were using them in an essential oil diffuser instead!

I would love to know your personal favorite way of using essential oils aromatically, or adding in anything you think I may have forgotten in this post!

Happy oiling loves!


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