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Arbor… arbor… arboretum! Ann Arbor! Pirate in the Harbor! Is that the answer?!

Close, oh so close matey! Arborvitae! Like Arbor – vit – ay, Arborvitae! You’ll be loving this oil by the time we’re done with this post.

Arborvitae Essential Oil Product Description

Native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, Arborvitae is a majestic evergreen coniferous tree that is valued for its many unique benefits. The variety of chemical components found in Arborvitae essential oil makes it a must-have for wood preservation. Arborvitae has natural preserving properties that keep wood from rotting. Because of this unique preservation ability, Arborvitae is often used in woodcraft and for protecting wood surfaces. The wood and natural components of Arborvitae are also recognized by Native Americans, who used it for making vessels, totem poles, baskets, and clothing. Arborvitae not only protects wood, but its organic elements also safeguard individuals against environmental and seasonal threats as an effective cleanser. The essential oil produced from Arborvitae trees is ideal for using aromatically and topically for cleansing and purifying. Arborvitae oil also makes a great companion for outdoor activity as it acts as a natural insect repellant. With so many beneficial qualities and uses, there is no question as to why Arborvitae has earned the nickname “tree of life.”

Arborvitae Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

One of my absolute favorite ways to use Arborvitae is topically on my chest and back for respiratory support. There’s a certain tingly feeling you get when you use the oil this way – I wonder if you’ve felt it too using it this way? Let me know in the comments! Here are some other great ways to use this amazing oil:

  1. Turn Arborvitae oil into a household spray with this easy do-it-yourself. Add a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil into a spray bottle and add water. Use this spray on surfaces or on hands. Arborvitae oil is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. By incorporating this spray into your home, you can protect yourself and your family against seasonal and environmental threats while keeping your house fresh and clean.
  2. Do you love the great outdoors, but dislike the many bugs? You’re not alone. Bugs can turn an outdoor adventure into an uncomfortable situation. Make sure to avoid any discomforts that bugs may bring by packing Arborvitae essential oil for your next outing. Arborvitae oil is great for hiking and camping due to its chemical components—tropolones. Tropolones have chemical properties that act as a natural insect repellants. Because Arborvitae oil is rich with these organic chemicals, Arborvitae helps repel local bugs. For an enjoyable hiking or outdoor experience, apply Arborvitae essential oil to your wrists and ankles.
  3. Certain seasons can often bring unwanted creepy crawlies into the house. Don’t let those bugs get the best of you, use Arborvitae oil! Place a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil into a diffuser and let the warm aroma fill your house. Because Arborvitae is composed of many tropolones, the oil acts as a natural bug repellant. So while you enjoy the woody scents of Arborvitae, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the little critters are doing their best to leave your house in peace.
  4. Looking for ways to preserve wood? Try this essential oil mix with Arborvitae essential oil. Mix 4 drops of Arborvitae oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil for a natural wood preservative. The properties of Arborvitae work well as a preservative and can help protect wood from rotting. Because of the natural components of Arborvitae, the oil is often used in woodwork or in dealing with wood products to keep wood healthy, fresh, and preserved for long-time use.
  5. Arborvitae essential oil has the ability to inspire feelings of peace and calm. If you are looking for a great way to unwind after a long day, place a few drops of Arborvitae oil into a diffuser or rub a drop of Arborvitae oil onto your wrists to produce a sense of peace and calm. Additionally, using Arborvitae essential oil during yoga or Pilates can increase the effectivity of your experience by inducing feelings of soothing relaxation. Diffusing Arborvitae essential oil can also help purify the air and provide a grounding aroma.
  6. Bring your furniture back to life with this DIY Wood Polish with essential oils. If you want to keep wood looking fresh and clean, it is important to invest in proper cleaning supplies and a good routine. One of the most effective ways to clean wood is by using a wood polish that is natural and free of any harmful chemicals. Many commercial wood polishes contain chemicals and artificial fragrances that can cause irritation or health problems when not applied with proper safety precautions. Follow the instructions to this homemade solution to create a natural wood polish that is free of harmful toxins. Add Arborvitae essential oil to this polish mix to help protect wood furniture from environmental threats and rotting. This polish will also help produce a fresh, healthy shine to wood. This DIY wood polish also works well with cleaning and preserving wood floors.Wood furniture should only be polished every couple of months, but make sure to maintain the look and quality of your wood furniture by frequently dusting it or wiping it with a damp microfiber cloth. This will help to keep dust and damaging substances away from the wood and will help keep the wood from looking aged.
  7. Create your own musky outdoor cologne with Arborvitae essential oil. Arborvitae oil’s aroma is woody and warm and when combined with Cedarwood and Frankincense, provides an invigorating aroma, perfect for a fresh cologne scent. Using these oils together will create a great cologne for any occasion and will also produce a fragrance that uplifts and relaxes the senses.

Sourcing Arborvitae 

The sourcing of doTERRA’s oils is always fascinating to me, it’s always so fun to see how the growers grow and nurture the plants in their indigenous environments – how cool is it that by using these oils, we’re helping families all over the world thrive? Ever think about that? Since doTERRA doesn’t use brokers or any other middle-men, they’re partnering directly with the growers to give them fair wages for growing these amazing plants to harvest essential oils from. Take a peek at how Arborvitae is harvested in the Canadian rainforest:

Curious about the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative happening between doTERRA and British Columbia? Check out the story here.

What the Science is Saying About Arborvitae 

Check out this study doTERRA did on Arborvitae that is published on their Science Blog:

“Known as the “tree of life,” Arborvitae is a conifer native to the northern United States and Canada. All parts of the Arborvitae tree were used extensively by Native Americans for building vessels, totem poles, baskets, and for a variety of health benefits. Though Arborvitae essential oil has gained popularity in skin care, scientific research on its activities in human cells was literally nonexistent. Recently, doTERRA scientists published the first study examining the biological activity of Arborvitae essential oil in human skin cells. The study found that Arborvitae was able to influence tissue remodeling–related proteins. Arborvitae essential oil was also found to diversely impact the human global gene expression. These results suggest that Arborvitae essential oil is highly active in human skin cells, specifically in supporting healthy inflammatory and tissue remodeling processes. While there is still much to learn about the mechanisms that enable these processes, this study is the first in a long line of research doTERRA scientists have planned to push forward the understanding of this amazing oil.”

Jonesin for some other ways to use Arborvitae? Check out my Pinterest board with some great diffuser and DIY recipes using this amazing oil! 



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