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During our most recent workshop, The Quiet Magic of Plant Medicine, we focused on 3 plants – ginger, cinnamon and clove. We dove into both the medicinal properties and the spiritual/emotional properties of all 3 – and we had a lot of fun! I wanted to round up some of the amazing knowledge about ginger shared on this event, just to give you a little glimpse into what we do in these (free) workshops and also open up the conversation about using what’s in your kitchen as a medicinal apothecary. I love getting to open up my brain’s apothecary and share the people and resources that have helped me in the most profound ways!

Medicinally, here are some of the fun-facts ginger has to offer:

  • One of the world’s oldest and most popular medicinal spices
  • Widely regarded to help prevent colds, flu, motion sickness, and vertigo. 
  • Also helps to alleviate menstrual cramps, nausea, heartburn, migraines, sore throats, exhaustion, fatigue, and constipation and it is great in providing relief from the stomach flu and food poisoning. 
  • Powerful painkiller which makes it especially beneficial for those who suffer with joint, muscle, and nerve pain. 
  • Ginger has incredible immune-boosting and germ fighting abilities and has even been shown to help provide protection and relief from E.coli, Staph infections, and Candida albicans. 
  • Fresh ginger is one of the most potent ways to receive its health benefits

On a spiritual/emotional level:

  • Whole ginger roots are planted and grown to attract money, or the powdered root is sprinkled into the pockets or onto money for this purpose
  • Ginger is the plant of empowerment
    • Helps to fight victim mentality, powerlessness, unwillingness to take responsibility, feelings of defeat, feeling not present, stuck, blaming others
    • Helps create feeling empowered, committed, capable, purposeful, accountable

Suggested use – inhale the aroma; dilute 1-2 drops ginger essential oil with 2-4 drops carrier oil and apply over solar plexus (upper stomach)

Join us in February where we spotlight rose, hibiscus and cacao on our free workshop, The Quiet Magic of Plant Medicine!

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