Morning towels

The Inspiration for Towels

Who knew towels could be so versatile? This weekend I caught a yoga class with my good friend Erin and at this particular yoga studio they use essential oils – I mean, duh, why wouldn’t they. I’ve gone there a few times before and each time they give you cold towel soaked with water and essential oils and I sit there and go, dude I SO need to do this at home! And then the squirrels take over and I forget. Not this time though!!

Savasana Towels

So this cold towel idea is at the end of yoga practice when you’re in my oh-so-favorite yoga position, savasana – or corpse pose. Don’t hate, you love it too! The yoga instructor will come around and place a wet, cold towel on your forehead and the towels are soaked with water and a combo of essential oils. This time it smelled like lemongrass and lavender, ummm YUM! It’s a nice ending to a practice, it invigorates you, plus it’s insanely refreshing.

I got to thinking, how amazing would it be to make these at home and use one every morning to help wake me up?! Or even using warm water and lavender or Serenity in the evening? Or what about in the summertime when it’s insanely hot and I want to help me keep my body cool? Oooh OR what about when allergy season gets into full swing and I need a little something to help open up my respiratory system? GENIUS!!

How to Do It at Home

Here’s what I did – I went to Target and bought cheap washcloths. The pack I got was $3 for 8, so I got 2 packs so I could make a bunch at a time (time saving tip: prep for more than just a few days!).

Grab a big glass bowl – make sure you use glass, ceramic or stainless steel when you’re using pure essential oils, especially citrus oils as the oils will break down most plastics. Fill it with tap water and then roll up the washcloths real fun-ly. Put them in a big glass pan (again, use glass, metal or ceramic here too). I opted to use doTERRA’s Wild Orange and Peppermint oils for this first batch since I’m going for a morning pick-me-up style option. Wild Orange naturally helps lift your mood and Peppermint is amazing on its own for waking you up. Together, they’re super-charged and incredible.

I’m still trial-and-erroring so in this first batch I used about 9 drops of Peppermint and 11 drops of Wild Orange in the water. Dumped the water over the towels and put the pan in the refrigerator. That’s it. Each morning you can grab a towel from the pan, wring out the excess water and put it over your face, on your wrists, on your neck, or anywhere else and breathe in the aroma.

Essential Oil Ideas and Combos for Your Towels

Make sure you customize this for your needs! Need some help with supporting your respiratory system? Try using some Eucalyptus or Breathe. Want to switch it up and use a hot towel at night before bed? Try Lavender, Vetiver, Serenity or Roman Chamomile oils. Need a little help balancing some emotions? Try using Balance, Citrus Bliss, Peace , Cheer or Forgive. As always, I only use doTERRA’s oils, so everything contained here is specific to doTERRA.

Now every morning I’ll have a refreshing towel to help me wake up and start my day off with the sweet scents of the most pure essential oils. How could you possibly have a bad day after that?!

Need to learn a bit more about oils? I got you boo, go here and soak in all the goodness!

Make sure to share with me the essential oil combos you’re using, I’d love to hear from you!


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