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In our very first podcast interview we’re talking with Juli Walker as she teaches us all about chakras!

Lots of people have heard bits and pieces about chakras, some have heard nothing about them and think it’s a foreign language and others speak about chakras like a fluent language. She’s talking with us about what the chakra system is, why it’s important, what each chakra is about (including 3 chakras that are very rarely talked about!) and different ways to help balance them.

Juli is an incredible energy healer who teaches a variety of classes and does personal massage sessions as well as women’s events. You can get in touch with her a variety of different ways:

Email: [email protected]

High Ho Gems in Tinley Park, Illinois: Class Schedule



Hey everyone! Welcome to, “Love Your Life with Misty.” I have a very special guest for you guys today. I am talking with Julie Walker who is a shamanic healer. She is a warrior goddess facilitator. She does so many really amazing things in that. She’ll tell you a little bit about herself and her journey as we get into this chakra and using essential oils and different modalities to help balance the chakras but also, more so about what the chakra system even is because there are a lot of people who have heard of the chakras that have no idea what they are.


So, I wanted to really bring her on to be able to do a little bit of an overview of what the chakra system even looks like, what it is, and some different ways to be able to balance it, notice when it’s out of balance, why it’s ideal, different things. So, I’m excited and super grateful to have her spending some time with us this morning.


So, good morning, Julie. How are you? 


I’m fine. How are you?


I’m so good. I’m still getting over a little bit of being sick so you’ll have to excuse me but we’ll jump right in. So, before we get into a little bit more about you and your journey and your story, what did your morning awakening process look like this morning?


Looked like I wanted to go back to back. When I get up in the morning, I also have – I’m also Reiki Master so I always do self Reiki in the morning and then I have affirmations that I do and I also take time before the affirmations to be in stillness. So, it’s not meditating so much as it is just trying to not have all of those thoughts of the day popping in your head, you know. Some people wake up and they’re like, “Okay, today I’ve got to get up and I’ve got to take a shower, brush my teeth and I got to be downstairs by 7:15 and I only have 15 minutes for breakfast because then I have to pack my lunch and I get out the door by 8:00 and I got to go do this, I gotta go do that and like have this whole list of everything that they’re doing through the day and that’s how they start their day – laying in bed thinking of all these things.


So, my day starts – I try to start a portion of my morning with just being still and not thinking about anything which is difficult. This is a practice that takes a lot of effort and sometimes, you know, something pops up, “See. Okay, let me start over again,” but yeah to try and just be still as long as possible. Then, get up and drink my three glasses of water with my lemon in it and off I go.


Ready for the day.  That’s awesome. I love it. So, you just mentioned that you’re a Reiki Master. Will you share a little bit about you with everyone? Just your backstory, what sort of brought you to shamanic healing and natural modalities and all these really, really, amazing things that you do? Can you kind of give us a little bit of everything about all things Julie?


Well, my career background is theatre, primarily – that’s what I started with and that’s where I worked for over four years – is in professional theatre. But, being in professional theatre, you probably heard in the news about the actor who was working at Trader Joe’s. We all have to have day jobs because we never know when our next gig’s coming or how long it’s gonna last. So, we always have things to fall back on and mine was massage.


So, I actually started with horses, massaging horses because I have them and from there, my chiropractor said, “Hey, I’m looking for a massage therapist. You do horses, you should be able to do people.” So, then I went to school, got my massage therapy license and when I was massaging a client one day, after the massage was over she said, “Do you know what you just did?”


I said, “Well, I gave you a massage.”


She says, “No, you cured my PTSD.”

So, she was a shamanic practitioner and she said, “You need to learn this. This is something you need to do.”

So she actually taught me my first class on how to journey which is accessing other realms to get information. Then, another friend of mine said, “You need to come to this class.” Then, I went to that class and it just kind of like compiled so I ended up in a whole Shamanic Studies program that I interned and graduated from. Everything else like the Reiki and essential oils and cupping, some of it comes from the fact that we have to have continuing education to keep our massage license up-to-date so, you know, taking different things just to kind of see what it’s like and see what hits, what sticks.

So, yeah. I kind of like to collect alternative holistic healing.

Yeah, but how cool is that? You always have like a different basket of gifts to be able to really serve whoever’s coming to you and just whatever it is that they need, you have experience and I think that’s so important to have, kind of that broad realm of different things to choose from. What I would love, actually, and I know I didn’t send this to you but I would really love for you to tell people about your house and all the different things that you have on your property because I think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Ok, well, I have a very well-loved log home and it’s well-loved because I have animals. We love animals so we have dogs and cats and of course, all the wood gets scratched and gnawed on because it’s wood. So, my house is very well loved but we built it about 18 years ago because we wanted something – my dad used to build houses and he came and moved in with us for his last years. So, knowing how solid and sturdy of a house he likes and having been through construction up in Chicago – we’re originally from Kansas – I was looking for the most solid structure I could find and this was it. It has a really big front porch which I also love.

So, that’s my house. We got this property because I had horses and I want to be able to retire my horses when they were finished with their careers and in the back of the property, we had a pasture that was fenced off, we never used, so we thought, “Well, I’m getting into all this kind of change, changing my career, leaving theaters as much as I was doing it, and moving into the holistic world, thought we’d make a retreat back there for friends and family and my community and maybe business once we get it really well organized but I have a seventh circuit meditation labyrinth with an altar in the center so you can walk the labyrinth for healing purposes. There are all kinds of different ways to do it. That’s a whole other class.

I have a 20-foot teepee. So, we use it for ceremony, we use it for healing, we just sit out there and talk. It’s really quite a grounding place. It’s a place that you go to and it’s so peaceful you just never want to leave. You could just sit there forever and we also have a sweat lodge which still has to be initiated but it’s up and ready for sweats and a fire pit for gatherings and ceremonies.


Yeah, it’s so cool. So, Julie actually only lives like maybe 10 minutes away from me and Julie and I got connected because we both personally trained with HeatherAsh Amara to be warrior goddess facilitators and even though I’m not necessarily an active facilitator, Julie is, and that’s how I got to know Julie way before oils, way before everything. It was all warrior goddess.


So, Julie, I know you mentioned about having circles and different things. Could you tell everybody a little bit about what you do and what you offer both personally and from the rock shop that you work at?


Sure. My business is called,” HawkFire in the Heartland,” because red-tailed hawks mean a lot to me. We have some out there and out at the teepee and they actually leave me gifts of feathers now and then but I have to leave them where they are because it is illegal to own raptor feathers. So, we just offer them back to the earth and it’s kind of an all-around holistic healing business. So, we offer massage – I, it’s just me – I offer massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy cupping, shamanic services. I teach warrior goddess classes or it’s called foundation series so it’s like a five-class series that goes through the original warrior goddess training book in depth. Women that have gone through that series, we meet once a month at my house to just be able to support each other and talk about what’s going on in the world with us and what we’re feeling and have the support of the women around them because it’s a very compassionate, non-judgmental, no comparison, just very open. Us being able to speak to each other as women and get support without having to worry about anything else.


Yeah, that’s amazing. Again, just a kind of a testament to all the different modalities and things that you’ve been able to learn and how you’re able to give them back and offer them to people that actually need them is really, really amazing especially since the majority of it is circled around women but, I’m sure it’s not only limited to women which is really, really amazing.


Men have just as much baggage as we women have but it’s just a different baggage


Absolutely. Okay. So, let’s dive into chakras. So, I know enough. Let’s just say I know enough about chakras but, pretending like I knew absolutely zilch about chakras. Could you kind of take us from that very basic overview of what the chakra system even is, take us into what it looks like to be imbalanced or how to tell if you’re unbalanced and then, after we kind of get done with those, maybe talk about some ways to bring it back into balance?


Okay. The chakra system is about 3,000 years old and there are several cultures that have embraced it in the past and so, it’s just kind of been one of those things that has been around forever like Reiki and acupuncture and all those alternative healing methods that come and go and it kind got back into popularity in the States back in the 60s or so when the counterculture started and everybody was diving into Middle Eastern cultures and kind of seeing what kind of healing modalities they had, the more natural ways of doing things which is what’s important to me to be able to do natural healing which is why oils are coming into the picture but, I digress.

So, everybody is made up of water, salts, minerals, vitamins, and energy. Energy is what drives us. That’s that spark that keeps us going if we didn’t have any energy, pilot went completely out, we would not be existing so, chakras are centers of energy in the body and there are about, I believe, 106 of them. I do not know all 106 and then there’s like little many things that are associated with that as well but, they follow the major areas of the body. The ones that most people are familiar with are the basic 7 which would be – and they kind of go up the center of your body – so, you think of the first one which is the base or the foundation being the root chakra and that’s at the base of your spine and then they go up from there to sacral which is where your sacrum will be located just over your belly button so think of it from the back. Solar plexus which is above your belly button kind of like just below your diaphragm, your heart, your throat, your third eye which is right here between your eyes and then crown which is top of your head.

So, those are the basic 7 that everybody’s familiar with and what they are – if you could see it, if you could actually see it – you would see like a vortex. Sort of like little tornado v-shaped cone. That’s kind of what you would see as a vortex that just spins. So when we’re working with them as practitioners – sorry, I have a concave left vocal cord so sometimes my voice gets weird like it decided to do this morning – when we work with them, we test them to see how that spin is going because it spins clockwise. So, if we feel like it’s not spinning very smoothly or it’s not spinning at all or it seems to be kind of sticky, then we know that there’s something going on with that and so there’s a whole technique to open it up, clean it out and then have a healthy chakra.

I was just gonna say because you use pendulums a lot and I know you teach pendulum classes right?


Yeah, and I I’m vaguely familiar with it but that’s that’s kind of an easy way to tell if a chakra is blocked right?

Pendulum works, because every chakra is about something and if you want me to go through those now I can.

Yeah, whatever you want.

Okay, so like your root chakra which is the one that’s at the base of your spine, that’s your foundation, that’s your basic survival. So, what we would say is this is the right to exist. My root chakra is my right to exist. It’s about survival, it’s about being safe. So, if you’re dealing with a lot of feelings of fear, of not having enough, if you’re – let’s see, I have a whole list here so I’ll look at it real quick – so, they can be blocked or they can be overactive. Blocked means that they’re not moving well, overactive means they’re spinning out of control.

So, if it’s blocked, you’re gonna be living through fear, like in survival mode. You’re always like “flight or fright” kind of mode, like, “I’m just going to run away from everything. I can’t deal with this.” You’re always worried about your job, your physical safety, your health, where your next paycheck is coming from, you’re just continually worried about things so you’re kind of blocked.

If it’s overactive, you’re going to be in an extreme form of fear. So, you may not even want to go out of the house. You may have an eating disorder because you don’t know when your next meal is going to come from so you think you have to keep eating everything that you can. Paranoia, greed because you’re worried about where your money is coming from.

So, those are symptoms that you may be having an issue with that chakra and every chakra has a whole series of things. So, they have a color, they have a tone, they have a crystal that goes with them, they have a mantra that goes with them, they have an earth element or a water element that goes with them and even food.

So, there’s a lot of things that go with each chakra and we think of it as color with the food. So, the root chakra is red so we always think of eating like strawberries and red apples and those kinds of things. So, you want like red food to help support that.

Then, the sacral chakra which is just below your belly button, the color of that is orange. So, when you have any kind of imbalance, you want to eat orange food. Oranges would be a good one, carrots, those kinds of things.

You know what, Julie, real quick I just wanted to ask you a question with the foods and the color. So, now, does that apply if it’s imbalanced at all, whether it’s overactive or underactive, it kind of helps to bring it back into balance regardless?


Cool. Okay. Awesome. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

No, no, go right ahead. You’re the only person asking questions right now. Feel free to interrupt whenever you want.


The mantra that would go with it would be the Right to Feel or the Right to Create. So, you think of the sacral chakra as being also the womb area where we create life. So, it’s about creativity, it’s about sexuality, it’s about feeling so it’s my right to feel. You can tell that it’s blocked because you won’t have feelings. You’ll be feeling numb. You’ll be feeling like there’s a lack of connection with yourself. It could be a lack of sexual attraction as well or any kind of non-interest in sex. That could be a showing a blockage. If it’s overactive, you’re going to be ruled by your emotions.


So, it makes sense. If it’s about feeling and it’s overactive then, the feeling part of your life is going to be in high gear. Codependency addictions come out of this because you want to feel, you want pleasures, you’re going to do anything you can. Overindulge in fantasies. So, you can kind of see as we go along, that each mantra if you block it, overactive then you’ll see that these are the things that happen.


The next one is the solar plexus which is just below your diaphragm. That one’s yellow. So, bananas, lemons, anything yellow. Good food. It is the right to – it’s your willpower. When we talk about the mantras being like, “I exist. I feel.” This one is, “I do.” So, it’s your willpower. It’s what keeps you moving forward in life. It’s the thing that strengthens you, your willpower.


So, it’s blocked when you are feeling helpless. If you feel like there is no direction or purpose to your life. You kind of just like given up. You don’t have any will to do anything and if it is in overdrive, then you’re going to be trying to excessively control everything, kind of, overbearing, abusing power because you have that power. That’s that willpower in here just in high gear. That willpower. That power to kind of control your life, control everything in your life. So, that’s a symptom that you’re being out of control there.


Then, the next one is your heart chakra and I bet you can all figure out what that is. Your mantra is, “I am loved and I have a right to love and I have a right to be loved.”  Oddly enough, the color of the heart chakra is green, not pink, like everybody things.


I always thought that was so strange. I was like, you know, that doesn’t really resonate, the green but I guess it does because you’re opening, kind of, like, “Go.” 


Yeah, exactly. You can kind of figure out if you’re blocked and it’s about love then you’re not going to be loving anybody. You’re going to be isolating yourself, you’re going to close down whereas if it’s overactive, you’re going to be in love with everything and everybody. Also, the emotions are running high so you’re going to be extremely jealous if someone if you think someone’s being more loved than you are. It can be holding grudges. Any kind of overactive emotion is going to show you that your heart is in overdrive and needs to be kind of brought back. Can we dial this back some?


Throat. I’m sure you can figure that one out too. Throat is blue and so, blueberries would be a great one. Any kind of food that’s blue. Blue raspberries and everybody’s like, “Oh my God, how many blue foods are there?” But they’re out there and of course, it’s going to be your right to speak.


Yes, Misty. You’re asking questions.


Oh no, I’m not. I’m actually just writing down notes as you’re going through which is awesome but I was thinking about the blue foods. So, would purple foods be like blue or would that be…


No, that’s purple because that’s your third eye.


Okay, so because I’m thinking like eggplant, those colors that are sort of in the middle you know? 


Yeah, eggplants are going to be for your third eye.


Okay. Cool. Awesome. Blueberries. Lots and lots of blueberries. 


So, your throat chakra which is blue is your right to speak. So, “I speak,” that’s your mantra. You can kind of see if my throat is blocked what can I not do? I can’t voice my emotions, I can’t talk about –  if I’m insecure, I’m introverted, I have a fear of speaking, that’s a blocked throat chakra. Overstimulated, you’re going to be that talks all the time and just doesn’t shut up or the one that gossips. You also tend to tell untruths a lot and you can’t keep a secret because you have to talk. You have to get it out there. So, that’s like an overactive throat chakra.


The next one would be your third eye which is right up here and this is – you’ve probably heard people talk about the third eye and how that’s where the seed of all intuition and everything is – it is a place of intuitiveness. The mantra for it is, “I see” because it’s where we can see and trust beyond the physical. So, kind of like spiritual. It’s kind of like a spiritual center for connecting with the divine and it’s purple so that’s where you get eggplant, purple grapes. What else out there is purple? I know purple and blue are the hard ones to figure out but there are some out there and that’s a whole other class on itself – foods.


We will actually do a class where we go through each chakra and do all of it – the tone, the sounds, the crystals, the oils, the foods and it takes a good hour and a half to get through all that but we’re not doing all that today. So, if it’s blocked, you’re going to feel like you are stuck and you’re not able to see beyond your problems because you can’t see abstract. I’m going to kind of put it as that. So, when you have a problem and you can’t figure it, out you can’t seem to get past that because you can’t think in that, you can only think in the physical, in the present of what you see. You can’t establish a vision for yourself because you don’t have that ability to be able to see into the future, so to speak, and we’re not talking like a psychic ability to see in the future. We’re just talking about your personal ability to be able to plan ahead to see what’s going on in the future, to figure it out, to come up with a goal for yourself.


That makes equips me for somebody right now. If it’s overactive, you’re going to be that person who’s going to be indulging in psychic fantasies, you’re going to be getting yourself to the point where the fantasy world is more real than reality. So, you kind of like jump way over the boat in that one and you live in a land that isn’t part of reality. So, that’s a way to figure that that’s not a place you want to be.


Then, the last one of the seven series is the crown which is up here on top of your head and this is communication with the divine. So, a lot of times when we do rounding energy work we will ground into the earth and then we’ll send it up to the sky so we can bring the energy from the sky down and energy from the earth up and that’s bringing divinity from above and below to go through you and get you all revved up. It’s a great little exercise and that’s going to be white. So, anything that you can think of that’s white. White peaches, white bread which I wouldn’t recommend but if you want to go that way. Anything you can find out that’s white. White wine. So, even drinks can come into this. White grapes, that kind of thing.


If it’s blocked, you’re going to be closed-minded. You’re going to be disconnected from spirit whereas if it is overactive, you’re gonna be ignoring the earthly matters because you are so into the divine, you’re so up here that you are not paying attention to the earth below. You’re disconnected from your body because you’re living in another world. Yeah, it’s kind of like living in your head as opposed to living in the physical world.


Then, the other three that I work with and a lot of people do but are not so well known would be soul star which is just above. Soul star is where we access all of who we are right now. So, it’s kind of like this is our path in life so we can kind of access what our vision is, where we’re at in this lifetime, what our goals are in this lifetime. So, if that’s shut down, then you’re going to have limiting beliefs. You’re not going to be able to progress through your life because you’re going to be stuck and you’re not able to move forward into what your life’s goals or purposes are. If it’s overactive, then you’re going to be collecting belief systems like I collect healing modalities. “Oh I love this and I love this and I love Buddhism and I love Catholicism and I love…”


You just love everything!


I just want it all. Give it all to me. I believe all of it which is not a horrible thing but if you have so much, you can’t focus on what’s important. When I collect healing modalities, I can pick and choose from what I want to be able to use for the person I’m working with but if I’m collecting a ton of beliefs then I don’t have a secure belief in anything because there’s so much of it. Also, you look to others for healing but you don’t participate in that healing. I’m sure we all know those people who go to the Reiki person and say, “I want Reiki”, and you do the Reiki on them and they’re like, “I didn’t feel anything. This didn’t work.”


Or the people who are very much – they don’t want to do their own work. I feel like that applies too. It’s kind of like, “Oh somebody else is going to fix me. I’m going to go do this and they’re going to make it all better but I don’t have to do anything.”


Yes, exactly. It’s like we say in warrior goddess, “The the good news is you can fix yourself. The bad news is you have to fix yourself.”


Yeah, and I think that’s so important to know though too and when we talk about fixing I don’t ever think anybody’s broken but we all have our own work to do. We all have our own, like everything’s in word, everything is up to us to do what we want to do with it and I think that’s what’s so amazing about chakras and healing modalities and all the things that you’re into and the things that you know is because you’re really helping people heal themselves, facilitate the healing. Bringing all that gunk out, being able to bring chakras back into balance and I’m really, really excited and glad that you’re going through these other three because if you are familiar with the chakras, I feel like you do know a decent amount about the seven but not about these additional three like you’re blowing my mind right now. I’m like, “Yes! Give me more. Tell me!”


These particular ones are not as well researched as the other seven because those seven are like the big popular ones. Everybody knows about them so everybody works with them and then the other ones are the ones that kind of fall behind like there’s the 106. I couldn’t even tell you past what 10 is. I know some people have 11 and 12 and one of those is based at the root of your occiput back here but I wouldn’t know what those are.


What do you think about them because I’m like, “Okay, I got these 10. I’m gonna work with that one.” So, a lot of like the food and things like that are not as well researched but the silver would be your soul star color. Trying to find silver food I think you’d have to spray paint it silver glitter or something like that.


The next one is called stellar gateway and that is like a couple inches above that. So, this is like divine consciousness. This is where you have access to not only who you are now but who you have been and who you are going to be. So, this is like really getting into the “oooooh”. This is kind of like the stuff.


So, it’s for people who believe in reincarnation. That’s something that resonates with them strongly because they have – you know, this is like past life, future life, current life is up here. That’s where that’s all accessed from. It’s gold in color and if it’s blocked, you are definitely isolated from others and you have no compassion because these are your lives. This is everything you are and if this is blocked then you have nothing. You have no connection to anything and so that’s why you’re so isolated and that’s why you lack compassion because you don’t feel for other people because you have no history, I guess. You have no experience. You’re not recognizing the experiences that you’ve had. You block them so you have no access to that. If it’s overactive, wow if it’s overactive, that’s when you end up with overbearing people whose spirituality is ruled by their ego and I know there are many examples of that out there because they take all of this and blow it way out of proportion. So, instead of being this is my connection, this is me, they start trying to push that into everybody else’s space. Here’s my spirituality. You have to be in my spirituality because my spirituality is so great and I’m so great because look at all these wonderful things. So, it gets a little overbearing. So that’s how you know if that’s overactive.


Okay. That’s awesome because I think that’s a big – I don’t want to say problem but I think that’s a big issue is that when we get in these spaces where we get super adamant about spirituality or we find a really great path we want everybody to know about it but it’s almost like some people try to bully you into believing what they believe and instead of just like being it and just allowing people to rise up to come meet you whoever believes in the same thing or resonates the same way, it’s almost like you go to them and try to convince them and it’s just it comes off as this really gunky energy.


It’s ego. It’s really ego driven. They start as something honest and pure like wanting to bring people with you on your journey because you are having such an amazing experience and you want everybody to experience that but then, when the ego starts to really kick in then it becomes “I am” then, that’s where you get your Jim Jones and David Koresh and all those people who are trying to almost create themselves as gods but they’re the only leader, they’re the only spiritual person. Follow me, do whatever I tell you and people do. They do that in droves because they are blocked in another chakra that’s not allowing them to see they’re lacking and they need that kind of guidance and total submission to regardless of what they might actually – they’re in a real muck. This is all crazy but because they need that belief so much.


They just buy into whatever they feel.


Isn’t that crazy?


Yeah, for sure. So I know one of your specialties is using essential oils to be able to balance the chakras. So, before the wonderful world of oils got opened up to you, what was your favorite way to bring the chakras back into balance? 


Oh, hang on, we’ve got one more.


Oh, we do! I’m sorry! I jumped ahead!


She’s so excited.


I am so excited!


One more is called earth star and it is about three inches below your feet and this is the one that grounds you.


Oh, back to the mantras really quickly, the soul star is, “I grow”. The stellar gateway is, “I remember” because you’re remembering the past as well as the future. Earthstar is, “I am in alignment.” So, you’re grounded into the earth and all the chakras are aligned through that so that’s why “I’m aligned.”  If you’re blocked, you’re going to feel unconnected, not like you’re solidly in your body and you tend to chase for recognition outside of yourself. You kind of chase everything outside of yourself. When it’s overactive, you’re going to really lose connection to the real world because instead of being grounded into the real world, you’ve rubbed it up so much that now you’re everywhere. You’re not really grounded.


Just to shortly go into what you were talking about when we were heading into is if anybody is sort of earthing – earthing which is putting your actual bare feet onto the ground  for a certain amount of time each day because the vibrations, electricity, energy from the earth rises up into you and you also have an exchange with the earth so, you have stuff going down there and stuff coming up. So, it’s really good. You can even get mats called earthing mat that has charge going through them. If you don’t’ want to walk in the snow in your bare feet in the winter, you can always get an earthing mat.


Yeah, it’s very important and that’s one of the things I always feel that spending time sitting on the ground or walking barefoot is so beneficial. It’s brown. The color is brown.


I love it. I’m loving it. I so love it. So, I have heard of earthing before. It’s one of the things I wish I was better at which I intend to be better at actually because it just seems so soothing, it seems so peaceful and so serene. You can’t go wrong having your bare feet in the earth. I love it. I love it so much but yeah that was a really, really amazing breakdown of all those chakras.


So, going back to what we were talking about is before oils, before you really dove into this specific modality, what was your favorite go-to method or modality to be able to balance the chakras when someone was imbalanced or yourself?


Well, it’s kind of like a two-part question because there’s how I would work with a person and how I’d work with myself are a little bit different. If you’re working on yourself and what I would do for myself is first I would like try and scan through myself just to see what do I feel like I am, what do I feel like is overactive in me, what I feel is blocked in me in terms of just going through those. How is my will? Is my willpower good? Am I like failing at getting away from sugar and all those things. Maybe I need a little work there. So, I kind of think about that.


If you’re familiar with pendulums, you can use them but I would recommend that you learn to use one first before you try it. A lot of people go right to the “Okay, here’s my pendulum and they hold it by the bill tiny ball at the end which is the wrong way to hold it and they don’t think about connecting with it. Everything has energy. Your pendulum has energy. That’s why they work. So, it’s not you swinging it back and forth which is why you don’t do this because then your arm starts to go like this and you start to like really influence it.


When you work with a pendulum you always want to make sure that you ask the pendulum to show you the responses. What is your response to yes, what’s your response to no, show me. I need more information and let that pendulum tell you what it is because everything is different and sometimes it changes from day to day so you gotta connect in and find out what’s going on but you can hold the pendulum in front of each of the chakra areas after you’ve said, “Show me blocked. Show me overactive. Show me fine, clear, good,” however you want to put it and then hold the pendulum in front of each of the chakra areas and see what the responses in that are. That’s a way to work with it by yourself. So, scanning yourself. Think about what symptoms are showing up and the pendulum will be the two ways to do it on yourself.


If I’m working on another person, there’s this – I don’t know if anybody knows of muscle testing. So, muscle testing if you don’t know is when you hold your arm out, the person who is being tested, holds their arm out and the person who’s doing the testing, presses down on arm. So, the person holding their arm out is trying to keep their arm straight and not bend it up or down. The person who’s doing the testing puts two fingers on top of their fists and pushes down and if the resistance is strong, if they can’t push it down then, that’s good. If they can push it down then that’s not good.


So have the testee hold their arm out and then the tester will hold one hand over the chakra area, push down with their other hand to see if there is any resistance, is resistance good, is the resistance bad? Then, move up the body to see which one is good or bad. The other thing that we can do is when laying down because the vortex spins clockwise, literally, I will go – if this was the body – I would go down to the chakra and this is going through people’s layers. You know how you feel like somebody’s invading my space, that’s because you do have a physical layer around you and then there’s like three or four layers. Mental layer, if they’re a glare, that’s a whole other can of worms but literally, you’re going through to just above the physical layer and then spinning your hand with the vortex. So, if you’re like going, “Whee” that’s a good vortex. If you’re going “whoo whoo whoo” that’s overactive vortex. If you’re like, “Uhhhh” this is really not spinning so well, that’s a blocked one.


So, then we backspin it which means we go the other way, counterclockwise, open it up, do whatever we need to do to clear it out, given our intuition, spin it back so it’s going smoothly and then we continue up.


I love that. I love that.  It’s interesting to hear it from a practitioner’s perspective what you’re actually doing because sometimes I think when we go see people like when I go get energy healing or whatever done, a lot of times I don’t really understand what they’re doing. I know it’s working. I know it’s awesome but I don’t really know from their perspective what they’re actually doing and it’s cool to hear what you actually are doing when you’re helping someone unblock their chakras so that’s awesome.


So now let’s spin it to the oils. What are your favorite go-to oils to be able to unblock chakras or balance them? What would you recommend for people if they don’t know where to start with that because there are so many that can help each different one? What would you recommend?


Well, first look at what the chakra does. So, say we were working with root chakra. We know that the root chakra is about survival, it’s about the right to exist. You want to find something, you want to work with an oil that makes you feel safe, that makes you feel grounded because some of these are going to overlap. So, even though Earth star would obviously be a grounding blend – we would use vetiver or anything that’s going to be along that line. So, kind of think of it as from – heart chakra is the bridge between the top three chakras and the bottom three chakras. Bottom three being root, sacral, solar plexus, heart’s your bridge, throat, third eye, crown so anything below the heart is going to be a little bit towards the grounding world, everything above the heart is going to be a little bit more towards the spiritual world.


So, you’ll see a lot of frankincense used in throat, third eye, and crown as well as soul star and solar gateway. The grounding blends below the heart. That’s just like a quick way to break it down. So, for root, vetiver would be a good one. Cedarwood because you think of the roots as well, those plants that root into the earth. Well, we all do but the ones that use the root part from more often and trees are always good for grounding. Any kind of

tree. Juniper, eucalyptus and you kind of have to – maybe you’ve done this with people that you’ve worked with but you know someone might be on the fence between oh I don’t know if I want vetiver or serenity for what I’m working with so you go, “Well, smell one and then smell the other one. Which one resonates with you?”


That’s kind of the way you got to work with this. I’m working with root chakra. Here are my oils. I’m kind of on the fence. Do I want to mix these? I could blend these which is fine or do I want a single one? Which one seems to resonate with my intent. Intent is everything. If you have not heard that phrase before, intent is everything. Whatever you intend in your life is what you need to focus on.


So, for sacral – we’re talking about well-being here, we’re talking about creativity, we’re talking about sexual energy, creative energy, that’s a whole other word which we’ve been through with Misty, it’s hilarious.


Bergamot, marjoram, cedarwood again, something into the ground. Patchouli – very earthy, a lot of people feel very sensual when they have Patchouli around so those kinds of things they’re gonna mess with.


You want self-acceptance, you want something that’s going to bring balance, something that’s going to bring connection to other people.


Solar plexus, again, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Rosemary. These are going to bring confidence and clarity. This is the “I do.” This is the willpower so you want to have that confidence, you want be clear about what you’re working on, what you’re doing so you want oils that are going to address that.


Then, the heart chakra is next so that’s our bridge. That’s going to be Rose or Geranium. Obviously, Rose is a very loving oil. Cassia and oddly enough, Douglas Fir. Like why Douglas-Fir? Well, Douglas-Fir promotes healthy connections. So, you want something that’s going to bring love, that’s going to make you feel valued, that’s going to promote healthy connections because that’s what we want with our heart connections.


Throat is our next one. So, with throat, again, you’re going to want something that’s confidence-boosting so Spearmint. I think we had a Spearmint discussion in our last promo party. Spearmint, Cypress, Lavender, Chamomile even. You want to be expressive, you want to be articulate, you want your words to flow and you want to be calm when you’re speaking so all of these oils will address those issues – not address them but support them because that’s what we’re doing, we’re supporting.


Then, our third eye, this is where we start getting into Frankincense. Frankincense, Lavender and we’re going to start adding Manuka into this too. So you want something that’s spiritual and something that opens you because now we’re starting to talk about getting into the higher divinity and we want to be open to that to receive information, receive abundance, receive community, whatever it is you want to receive.


So those are going to be good oils for connecting you spiritually as well as opening up to the world above.


Then, crown chakra is, again, we’re gonna have Frankincense – we’re going to see a theme here – ginger and clove because the frankincense is going to help with the opening and the spiritual aspect of it, the ginger and clove are going to be empowering. So that’s – I want to say we’re on equal footing with our own divinity. Does that make sense? Remember how we’re talking about people dragging you into their spirituality. It’s like you don’t want to be worshipping your own divinity if that makes sense. You want to be on equal footing with your own divinity, you want to accept that I am divine. The divinity lives in me and this empowers you to be able to do that instead of saying the divinity is outside of me which is a lot of what people think. They think their divinity is outside of them as opposed to being a part of them and it is part of us.


So, aren’t we all lucky? We’re all part of divinity. Then, soul star, again, Frankincense. Just put Frankincense down for the rest of them. Wintergreen, Marjoram again and Manuka again. So, this is to help us to begin relying on our own divinity. Opening spiritual connection and acceptance of our own divinity. Knowing that we are divine and accepting that. Knowing that we can rely on our own divinity and the divinity about this stuff.


Where am I at? There are so many of them.

There are. Well, you know what, I actually had a question for you with these additional three – Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Earth Star – since they’re not actually physically on the body where you can use the oils you know on the chakra themselves like with the heart and the root and you know all that. With these three, how would you recommend using oils to help balance that chakra?




Cool. Awesome.


Yeah, if you can’t physically put it on, diffuse it because that’s gonna hit everywhere you where you want to go. So, again, Frankincense, our favorite, Manuka – two very spiritual oils. Myrrh. We want to be connected to the higher realms. So, those are the three that are going to support that and then our last one is Earth Star. So, we’re going to go back to the grounding blends so Juniper, Cyprus. A grounding blend, if you have it, also align the yoga blend align because remember the mantra for this is alignment – “I am aligned.”  So you can use align with the yoga blend for that as well.


I love that. I love all these suggestions so much. It makes it so much easier when somebody’s explaining and you’re not just reading it but somebody’s actually explaining why you would use these oils for that specific chakra so that’s freaking awesome.


So, I know we’re kind of running a little bit out of time but there are two other questions I wanted to make sure we got to. So, the very first one is you do so much. You have so many classes. You’re such a wealth of information not only just with chakras but with energy healing and all these different things. How can someone get in touch with you if they are looking for something like that or if they want to come to one of your classes, anything like that?


I have an email address hawkfireintheheartland which is my business email. So, you can always check that. I have a website which is sadly out of date, which I will be updating with classes. I teach at High Ho Gems in Tinley Park so you can check High Ho Gems.


That’s also where I work out of as well so they have – on their website – they have our classes as well as making appointments for the different healing modalities.


Okay and then, your email address the hawk fire in the heartland. What is that at? What’s the full email address?


Oh, [email protected]


Got it. [email protected] Got it. Awesome. Perfect and you’re on Facebook also, right?


I’m on Facebook so you can message me through that or you can message me through Julia Walker.


When we publish this I’ll make sure to put everything in the description for you that way they can have a direct access to you, that way they can just ask questions or come to classes and different things.


So, my last question for you, Julie – and this is kind of a little bit of a fun one – if you could have any holistic healing modality taught in schools, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a healing modality just something that’s not currently taught in schools what would it be other than oils?




Okay. Cool. Why would you say that?


Because it creates stillness in people. it begins to teach them to access their inner selves, to become connected more to themselves, also connected to the divine. It’s calming, it’s soothing, it’s an amazing technique. It brings peace, it brings balance. I know that there have been some schools where meditation has been used as detention. So, when they go to detention, they go and they learn to meditate through the tension and they’ve seen great results with that.


Wow, I wish I would be in detention all the time. I’m like I want to meditate. I’d totally be in trouble all the time!


Yeah, there’s a lot of schools beginning to add meditation in for various things either like a meditation break or they use it in place of detention or just kind of like included in the class day. You’re not going to find it so much in public schools, I don’t think, but in the more private sector right now but hopefully that will get more integrated because it is such a great way to just ground yourselves, bring yourself back to who you truly are.


Absolutely. We all need a little bit more of that so I appreciate you so much for spending the last hour of your day with us and sharing all your amazing knowledge and I’m excited for people to get to connect with you and get to hear more from you. We’re doing the warrior goddess book club finally again. That’s getting posted this Monday in our special group so if you’re not a part of that please reach out to me to let me know that you aren’t and you’d like to be. Julie is actually leading us through that, it’s going to be really, really amazing but with that, I’m going to go ahead and we’ll hop off and I appreciate you so much.


Hope you have a really amazing rest of your day.


I will. You too. I appreciate you too. Thank you all for tuning in.


Yeay! Alright, until next time, guys. We will see you later.




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