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Chances are by now you’ve heard of self-love. Maybe you’ve been on your own journey to find it, are just coming around to the idea, or have heard of it from a friend. Meet Brittany Hinrichs, owner of multiple business – including cultivating self-love and inspiring everyone everywhere to go to the ends of the Earth to find it within yourself. Brittany was a huge catalyst in my inspiration to really dive deep into myself and go find missing pieces of my self-love that I never knew existed. I owe the courage to even start to her and I’m forever grateful. I can’t wait to introduce you to her and share her and everything that she’s about with you! In this podcast we talk about what inspired her career change from the fashion industry to self-love, what her journey has been like, what inspires her blog posts, the mentality differences between city and country folk as it pertains to self-love (this one shocked me!) and so much more!

Company: Åtte Creative
Facebook( it’s a work in progress):…

Blog: Honestly Unfiltered


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Do you know an ordinary person doing extraordinary things as a result from otherwise crappy circumstances? Head here to recommend them for a future podcast interview with me highlighting their journey!

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