Hi everyone and welcome to the podcast – I’m really excited to do a bit of a relaunch of the podcast. You know, it’s funny, I loved where the podcast originally went. I loved getting to interview people who had amazing stories and get to ask them all types of questions, especially considering most of these people had  never really been interviewed about their stories before. I still completely plan on bringing those stories to you as they find me, but I got to thinking about this brand new opening that’s been happening in my life and seeing how it wants to be funneled to you in a way that’s helpful. Not only am I connected to so many people with amazing stories, but I’m connected to so many people who have helped others create amazing stories – kind of a death and rebirth into the new.

Here’s the thing – I believe we reincarnate every single day. I’ve noticed this myself where I feel one way one day and then I wake up the next day feeling completely different. Has that ever happened to you? You go to bed feeling crummy about something and you wake up the next day with a brand new perspective and love in your chest. So at least for right now, that’s the direction I’m steering the podcast in – bringing you anything and anyone that I feel would be helpful on this journey of rebirth and reincarnation. Life is funny and before you know it, it can pass you by so my real intention for this podcast is to help fill your life with light and hope – options for different choices or different tools to look into.

I’m not a one size fits all girl and I cannot be contained, so I can’t tell you what the future episodes will or won’t be about, but I can promise you that I’ll be the conduit of anything I find that could be helpful to anyone anywhere on their journey in changing their lives in any area.

If you have any suggestions or things you would love to learn about, make sure to send me a message – you can follow me at loveyourlifewithmisty on Instagram and Facebook or send me a message right on my website at www.loveyourlifewithmisty.com I’d love to hear from you!

So for now, onward in this direction! I hope you love what I have planned for you!

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