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If you’ve been receiving guidance, messages and signs that change is afoot for you – tilling the soil of your life is imperative. Follow the breadcrumbs, they’ve been sprinkled about in your day to day life telling you what’s ahead.

Big, life-altering changes are on the horizon for many of us. Some of us know what these shifts are as they’ve already shown themselves to us, even if they’re in the far distance (from what I’ve gathered, December is a big month of change for many). Others of us aren’t quite clear on the “what” yet, but have a very strong, palpable feeling sense that whatever it is is HUGE energy.

If that change or big energy should enter your life today, are you ready for it? Can you receive it with open arms? Or does it cause a panic? A hunkering down or constriction of sorts?

Awareness is awareness. Use those intuitive cues to guide your actions. Till the soil of your life to prepare for what you want.

Using myself as a practical example, there’s a huge energy wanting to enter my life in two specific arenas. I can feel it, I’m getting signs everyday that they’re closer than I know and yet when I looked at my day to day life, there was no room for them to exist. I was maxed out in all the ways.


This is where the alchemy happens though. If we can take these pains as guidance and act on them, even though we can’t always see the why and we’re just going on intuition, we end up creating a butterfly garden whereby we aren’t going out and chasing all these butterflies with a net, but attracting them to us like a magnet because there’s fertile soil. There’s health, there’s vitality and radiance.

No nets required. Just the right vibrational frequency.

What needs to shift in your life to welcome in the big energy or change that is showing itself to you? What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to do more of? Most importantly though, who do you need to become to be a vibrational match for the energy that’s coming? (ie. Do you need to be more trustworthy? Do you need to become more receptive? Less analytical?)

Use those as marching orders for your day. Take baby steps.



📷 From Ceremony by @briannawiest

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