The West tells us to do.
The East tells us to be.

Master the dance of do-be-do-be-do-be so you can feel more present in the active creation of your life while caring for yourself from the inside out.

If you’re a business owner, human resources professional, DEIB professional or any other type of amazing human in search of more wellbeing support for your organization (or if you’re a small business or solopreneur)…

…and you’re looking for next-level, maybe a bit unconventional wellbeing workshops for yourself and your team – namely ones that not only work, but stick – you’re in the right place!

If you’ve hired professionals to train your employees on wellness topics, specifically self-care, and the results were less than impressive – well, I’m not surprised.

Let me explain…

The issue isn’t in their methodology or the tips, tricks and handy practices they shared.

According to, the effects of stress costs around $44 billion in the US, 15.1 billion pounds in the UK, and $12.6 billion in Australia due to:

  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism (at work, but unproductive)
  • Productivity losses
  • Workplace accidents

*Read my post, here, for more workplace statistics (and this was BEFORE the COVID pandemic!)

The issue came down to the implementation, the integration of these ideas into one’s lives. Part of the problem of traditional wellness training is that they tend to focus on one or two modalities and take a one-size-fits-all approach, and I think we can agree that most things aren’t one-size-fits-all. Moreover, we like to skim the surface topics of wellness without regard to the deep-dive that is often required for real wellbeing and healing. Wellness and self-care are a dance, a flow if you will – each person lives a drastically different life than the next, with varying sets of circumstances and other roles and diverse responses. Moreover, people want MORE variety in their wellbeing offerings and quite honestly, are sick of the same ‘ol modalities to reduce stress and be healthier.

A one-time training usually leaves your people excited by the fresh perspective, with nowhere to go and no one to help them. Or… it can leave them feeling like “oh yeah, that’s great in theory, but have you seen the circumstances of my life? This is just wishful thinking!”

Or… they could have a wildly amazing experience in the workshop with a list of all these things they’re excited to do, and then life hits, takes over and all those wildly amazing things they intended to do fall to the wayside.

What if you could create a more robust wellbeing strategy that your team actually wants, needs and will implement right away?

I love shooting it straight, so here it is. Fluff and puff wellbeing is out. Checking the box to offer the bare minimum isn’t good enough anymore. People are craving more authenticity, more connection, more variety and more vulnerability when it comes to their wellbeing and what they’re choosing to spend their precious time on. They want sustenance, things they’ll actually use in their everyday life.

What if we cut out all the fluff and went far beyond your traditional wellbeing training? What if I helped you bring sustainable self-care workshops to your employees, with a wide range of topics and modalities, from wonderful experts and practitioners for real healing and help? What if we could give your employees an experience of what else is out there beyond yoga, meditation and breathwork? (By the way – I love all of those things! There’s just SO much more to wellbeing than just those methods).

Implementation and expansion are where magic happens

  • Customizable wellbeing support that fits your needs & budget
  • Your people won’t feel left out in the cold (hello DEIB!)
  • Our focus is on creating time for daily, proactive self-care and nervous system support for happier, healthier humans
  • Fantastic springboard for community building within the organization with room to grow a deeper culture
  • New perspectives on ROI and data tracking with your employees

So you might be wondering who I am and why I’m the one you want to help you…

As a wellbeing consultant, speaker and author of the book The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees, I’m well versed in the balance it takes to keep employees happy, healthy, and satisfied with their work culture, namely when it’s being overhauled or created from scratch entirely. My experience spans many years and started with my background as a former HR Manager who battled burnout and autoimmune diseases and being the daughter of an 18-year cancer warrior who fell victim to the prescription medication and opioid crisis. I went on my life’s hardest journey to help my body heal itself. The outcome? Autoimmune remission and a completely different way to human and live than your average bear roaming the streets.

I created my life’s work from the ground up using my own lived experiences with the tools and resources I found that helped me heal my body, regulate my nervous system and create a drastically different life – all from taking an active part in creating it while using self-care and home remedies as my footing. I love to share the modalities and practitioners I’ve found with the people who need them – your employees, for example. To me, wellbeing initiatives can only be as effective as the employees who engage in them, including the C-Suite. You’re an employee too, you know! Company culture and morale can only shift when the entire company is playing together, doing their own work and creating a supportive community environment. Everyone is included.

You might be wondering what it’s like to work with me, so let me give you a peek behind the curtain. I love getting things done. Like LOVE it. Forward progress is the name of my game, so you can expect timely communication and forward momentum. I also love making things easy, so I pride myself with being easy to work with. I’m also incredibly reliable, honest and I’m great at addressing needs in the moment. I’ve also been told I’m warm, empathetic, great at creating community and making people feel welcome. I also bring a little bit of magic to everything I do.

I have a feeling you’ll love working with me, and I hope we get to find out!

Misty reading a book with her dog sitting next to her.
The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees


In a world full of “do, do, do,” meet the goals, manage 100+ tasks at once, accept the 60 hour work weeks with a smile, get to work on time, don’t call off work sick, have a great attitude, don’t complain, stay focused – and make sure you also take care of your health, exercise, drink enough water, spend time with your family, be a stellar parent and model citizen, get enough sleep and eat well – it’s no wonder emotional turmoil and disease are running rampant in our workplaces.

All of my offerings are completely customizable to you and the needs of your team

Any client choosing to work with me can expect to co-create our work together. I can join you as support in the role of a consultant, or come in to do a speaking engagement or workshop, or all of the above.

While my specialty is custom-creating a workshop or speaking engagement specifically for your needs, speaking and workshop topics include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Simple Home Remedies for Everyday Ailments
  • How to Human in an AI World: How to self-soothe and regulate the nervous system daily
  • Why the Menstrual Cycle Matters in the Workplace (training for menstruating bodies)
  • What the 8 Sections of the Wellbeing Wheel Mean for You and Learning the Missing 9th Section
  • Ignite Your Love for Your Life – Visionboard 2.0

The bottom line is I want to help you where you need it, and in a way that’s going to work the best for you. With the destination in mind, we can co-create the path to get there together.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities, let’s talk! We’ll carve out a route that’s best for you and your people.

Are you hesitant to bring in an outside consultant again only to get less than you were expecting?

I am so confident of its value that if you and your group enlist my support and still don’t believe it was worth every penny, I’ll make it right.

That’s a Misty G Guarantee 😉

You really shouldn’t take my word for it though, here’s some love from people who have worked with me in the past:

“Misty is an incredible woman who shared life changing wisdom, and did a great job guiding me along the journey of clearing space in my life to make room for what I truly want.”

– J, IL

“She is encouraging, supportive, and genuinely desires to bring out the best in people. She’s an amazing motivator and I’m blessed to have her as my mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

– L, IN

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities, let’s talk! We’ll carve out a route that’s best for you and your people.