For days there’s been a dragonfly flying right outside my window every morning.

I’ve always found it comforting that my friends can find me, even in the most void-of-real-nature places.

Animals are messengers and when we see them or they cross our paths, a lot of the time we’re so “plugged in” to whatever it is (our phones, TV’s, audio, etc) that we don’t notice them. They’re spirit messengers helping to teach us humans about something.

For me personally my usual messengers take the form of cardinals, butterflies, squirrels and dragonflies. They always find me and everytime I see them, there’s a comfort that envelopes my heart that somehow someway everything is happening exactly as it should, even when my overanalytical mind can’t make sense of it. Analysis paralysis anyone?

Cardinals – symbolic of loved ones who have passed, for me it’s my mama coming to say hello and she isn’t so far away 🥰

Butterflies – transformation from caterpillar to nutritional soup to busting the fuck out of the cocoon and spreading your wings as a butterfly 🐛🦋

Squirrels – joy, excitement, adventure and exploration reminding me to make sure I’m having fun no matter what 🐿️

Dragonflies – symbolic of change and transformation. A reminder that alchemy takes time and to trust the process, it’s all unfolding exactly on time. Not minute too soon or too late. ✨


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