If the Sacred Unveiling Journey I just launched to celebrate the Autumn Equinox could have hand-picked the energy surrounding the work we’re doing there, it would be the goddess Kali. While the imagery may seem very fierce (because she is), it needs to be understood that she stands for slaying illusions and ego beliefs. This is why she is often pictured holding a severed head of a demon, which represents the ego or false beliefs and illusions. For a full description on who she is, click the link in my bio, but a small synopsis on why she’s important in this series:

Kali is as subtle as a sledgehammer. She shows up to strip us of what no longer serves us. And that sounds good in theory. But in practice, it can feel as if the ground beneath us has turned to sand. All those illusions about ourselves, especially what we think we’re capable of, suddenly dissolve beneath us. When Kali sweeps in, we can easily slip into feeling like a victim. It can feel as though events are happening to us rather than for us. Kali doesn’t want us to waste another precious second being someone we are not. She doesn’t want us to be with a partner who doesn’t treat us with the respect and love we need to do the light work we have come here to do. Kali wants to sever the ties our ego has made out of fear or out of a false belief that we don’t deserve better or more. She wants us to get terrifyingly real. She wants us to reckon with the fact that we are not here to please others or to make them proud. We are here to listen to the singular call of our own soul. Kali is the harbinger of having entered Kairos, soul time. And stripping the ego to reveal the soul can feel raw and often heartbreaking. But ultimately Kali has come out of fierce love for the truth of who we really are. She is giving us the opportunity to choose again, to start over, and this time from a place of tremendous wisdom and strength: our vulnerability. She lets us begin again from the bare bones truth of who we are.

Lesson one is getting posted today for you to access, along with all the other offerings available in the community. Are you ready to strip it all down to the bare bones and start again?

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