Energy is one of life’s essentials, to be nurtured, nourished, supported and appreciated.   It’s being considered the new health currency, a treasured measure of your well being per Dr. Libby Weaver, internationally acclaimed biochemist.  Dr. Libby starts out her book, Exhausted to Energized, by writing “For too long, people in the West have used weight as a marker of health and assessed themselves against this benchmark. Yet both science and clinical experience demonstrate that when we focus on weight, we are more likely to regain anything we lose – plus some more. A far more powerful insight into your level of well being is energy.”


We begin our lives as an energy force whose origin is determined by the health of an egg and a sperm which combine to create one very unique YOU. This energy allows you to grow, heal, function and regenerate through what you eat, how you play, how you breathe, how you rest…the four energy circuits of Vivalicious Wellness… nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sleep. These four essential ways are important conduits that your body uses to consume and replenish the energy that you need to live your life.


“We cannot fight our biology, yet too many people live as if they are trying to. And a deep, unrelenting fatigue can be one of the symptoms your body gifts you – yes, gifts you – guiding you to eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe or perceive in a new way.” writes Dr. Libby.

Without a doubt, we need to begin viewing our energy level as a marker for our health, viewing poor energy levels as a sign that our body systems are off-track and not supporting our optimal health. Symptoms that signal it is time to replenish your energy (and thus your health) include fatigue, anxiety, low mood, apathy, insomnia and non-restorative sleep, brain fog, stiffness, on-going digestive issues, and a lowered resistance to infections, to name a few.


It’s time to find out your truth about how and why you get up every morning…to dig deep to find out what makes you tick…to simply live each moment fully, with gratitude and grace. By exploring the Vivalicious Energy Conduits, you will begin to amp up your energy, to create and experience more vitality and wellness in your life. It’s time for some Energy Nourishment to create Energy Flourishment!

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