Quiet Your Life Tip #1

Recently I started sharing some of my journey in an effort to quiet a really loud and chaotic life. I noticed that my life had gotten so loud with outside noise and opinions (both of my own choosing and things I didn’t think I could avoid), and I had to wonder just how many others were feeling like I was.

The tips have been really well received, so well that a lot of people started adopting them into their own lives to try to cut down on the noise and chaos, so I wanted to share them on a more public forum. You might be surprised how quiet your life can actually get!

The short backstory

My life had gotten to a space where everything was so loud that I couldn’t hear my inner voice or inner guidance anymore. The outside world had quite literally drowned me out and I was so busy being busy and listening to everyone else and what they thought the right thing was, that I forgot to come back to me and decide for myself what was right for my life. What will follow in some posts on different days will be the steps I took to cut the noise and regain my inner peace.

Here’s my first quiet tip

Stop watching TV. All of it. I’m serious. I know that may sound insane, but even if you don’t spend hours and hours watching TV, even just the little you’re watching could massively impact the way you view life, your relationships, your body, what you want, etc. It can really derail you from what you actually authentically want. Here’s an example of what I mean – how many of us watch This Is Us? (yes, totally guilty of it!) How many of us wished we had a husband like Jack? How many of us then looked at our own marriage with a side-eye and secretly got resentful that our spouse didn’t stack up to Jack in the ways we were looking for him to? See where I’m going with this? Even amazing shows can really suck the gratitude out of all the good things in our lives.

Turn. It. Off. Go do something else. Go read a book. Go cuddle with your dogs. Go for a walk. Talk to your kids. Talk to your spouse. Think up your next family vacation. Plan a surprise for a friend. I can help you think of no less than a hundred things you could replace that time with that will leave you feeling more grateful for life, while still giving you that down time and unwinding you might be using TV for.

Stay tuned for more blog posts like this with my Quiet Your Life tips!

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