Quiet Your Life Tip #4 – cut ties with anything that doesn’t align with who you’re wanting to become.

This is currently where I’m at now! Like I mentioned in my original post, our lives are loud – like really loud, and often times we get so use to the noise we forget what our own voices sound like. This can be a really bad cycle, and it’s a place I feel we find ourselves perpetually unhappy. I mean really – let’s think about this, how can we be happy when we’re living our lives the way someone else thinks we should be living them because it’s the “right” way? Right way compared to what? It doesn’t matter who you’re plugged into or listening to – it’s just my opinion, but I always feel like we need to ask ourselves the question “is this true for me? Does this help me become the person I want to become?” If the answer is yes, then keep it. If the answer is no, then get rid of it!

An easy way to start from scratch is to disconnect from literally everything you’re part of and take a fresh look at each thing piece by piece and ask yourself, does this help me become the person I want to become?

It’s something I did at the beginning of April. I “quit” quite a few different things – networking groups, coaching, mentoring groups, philanthropy groups, the whole 9 yards. I then went one by one and said does this align with the life I’m stepping into? Does this help me in some way become the person I want to become? Imagine yourself sitting in the center and a bunch of ropes shooting out of you and these ropes are all connected to different things you’re part of or involved in. Then imagine a big cookie cutter coming in and severing the ropes between you and these things – you’re now detached. How does that make you feel? What do you want to keep yourself detached from? What do you want to bring back into your life?

You want to know the funny thing? Most of the things that were taking up a lot of my time, I came up with no’s for. They weren’t helping me become the person I wanted to become. What they were actually doing was giving me more to do or keep up with that at the end of the day, wasn’t super helpful and wasn’t getting me any closer to the life I want! Isn’t that crazy?! We say yes so often that we forget to question if it’s really what’s best for us.

I invite you to mind your boundaries, create your life and say no to things more often. By all means though, if it’s a holy h*ll yes, then absolutely say holy h*ll yes, but only if it feels like a holy h*ll yes in your entire body. You know the difference, I know you do! =)

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