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Are you ready to purge what’s no longer serving you so you can emerge and create your desired life?


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Recently I’ve been seeing the word “be” all around me. License plates, signs, intuitive feelings, oracle cards. All along I’ve had an intuitive knowing that at least part of my soul’s purpose is to help people know and be love in every area of their life, but how can we “be” love when we don’t “feel” love in a particular area? In fact, when an area just feels icky or there’s anger and resentment and stuck emotions? Circumstances that don’t serve our lives, relationships that aren’t working, our way of walking through the world just feels…. not good.

By holding space for you to really sit with this area of your life surrounded by a community of people doing the same, I feel like you can make some really amazing headway into clearing out a space in your life that you know needs some work. Maybe it just wasn’t time for you yet or maybe the thought of creating change in an area of your life just made your really scared to try to do by yourself. Maybe financial situations have prevented you from working one-on-one with someone or maybe you felt like you haven’t had the time or the energy to really focus in on yourself here. Can I help?

I know all of those circumstances really well and I completely believe in you that you can do all of this work on your own, you don’t need anyone’s help – mine or anyone else’s. That’s really and truly the way that I created a lot of the changes that needed to happen in my own life. Everything from divorce to leaving a corporate job to grieving the loss of my mom to having absolutely no idea of my next steps as an entrepreneur. I haven’t been through everything, but I’ve been through enough to know you absolutely can do it on your own. Just like you, I’m constantly evaluating life and seeing what triggers are showing up for me – what’s feeling icky, what isn’t quite where I want it to be. I started off on the journey of tools and books and other resources to do as I’ve always done and create massive change in my solitude. That’s when I found a resource to help me where I needed it most, but it was offered in a live online community setting. It really wasn’t my jam, but I was intrigued. Needless to say my mind was blown on how much quicker I was able to allow the memories and emotions to become unstuck because the energy was amplified by the group, even if I didn’t share a word with anyone.

It was then I realized that there is such a power in being able to come together as a community to do this work together. Each person might be working on a different area of their life in a different way than the next person, but by banding together to create a connective community we can facilitate so much change in  our own lives. I believe that when we create this change in our own lives other people can’t help but take notice. Without realizing it or intending it, you can create ripples of change just by BEING.

At the beginning I had mentioned I kept seeing “be” everywhere and that’s what it means to me. Be love. Be kind. Be the change.

I would love it if you joined us for the next Purge and Emerge, let’s do some work together to let go of what no longer belongs in our lives so we can create space for all the good that is just wanting to flow right in!

Course Flow – Your personal journey within the container of community

  • Weekly 60 minute Zoom call with weekly check-in, discussion, topic and practice introduction and “purgework”
  • Reminder email the day of and a follow up email with the call recording*, recap of the concepts, practices and resources and “purgework” for the week
  • Private Facebook group to connect with your fellow coursemates, share and ask questions as they arise in between calls. This group allows you access to me and this will serve as mid-week check-ins and such to continue the community container we hold on our calls together.
  • Personal coaching sessions offered at a discounted rate

*While it would be most beneficial for you to be on live, if the date/time can’t work for you there will be a recording of the call available for you!

Week 1: Awareness

Week 2: Surrender

Week 3: Desire

Week 4: Gratitude

  Register for the next Purge and Emerge

Testimonials from those who have Purged and Emerged:

“Thank you for this course. During these trying times is when we need to realize who we really are and what we need to get rid of internally to make us a better human being. I enjoyed this course to the fullest and feel that it came into my life at the perfect time.” – B.Hines

“The universe works in mysterious ways. Purge and Emerge came to me at the exact time I needed it. I would highly recommend giving yourself this course! It has been a great tool to reflect and see what no longer serves me and habits that are keeping me blocked. During this course, I gained the confidence to make a career change I have been thinking about for years. Thank you!” – Tatum

“Purge and Emerge was something I didn’t even know that I needed! I think this course is great for women who are feeling burnt out or trying to find themselves again. Misty brought things to my attention that I otherwise would have never thought about. The course is fun, interactive, and it allows you to dig deep within yourself for better results personally and professionally.” – Anonymous

“I LOVED being part of the 4 week Purge and Emerge course. It was exactly what I needed in my life. Every week, I had the call to look forward to and was left with action items that allowed me to significantly improve my life. Misty is an incredible woman who shared life changing wisdom, and did a great job guiding me along the journey of clearing space in my life to make room for what I truly want. Thanks to her and the course I was able to implement several habits into my life and work on strengthening my mindset. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a better version of themselves and embark on a journey of self discovery and awareness.” – Julia


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While this course is not specific to any religious belief system, I wanted to share with you a song that found me last year and has been a constant in my life since. I think it’s beautiful, hits home and is so appropriate for the birth of this course that regardless of your beliefs there’s always something greater happening for your good even if you can’t yet see it. The message at the end is beautiful and can easily apply to any belief system with the switch of a name or a word. 


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