Stop me if you’ve heard this before… I just need life to slow down for me to find peace. To catch my breath. To process everything that’s happening.

I did that for so long, until I realized one day that waiting for life to do anything other than keep pressing on wasn’t just unrealistic, it was a form of self-sabotage.

To find peace in a chaotic world, we must create it first within ourselves and then bring it to our outside world. To wait for it to happen the other way around may leave you waiting… maybe forever.

This is my intention for our work together. If you’re feeling like everyday is some version of Groundhog Day and you’re living your life feeling less than fulfilled, out of touch with your dreams and desires and feeling like life is just passing you by…. I’d love to help you light up a different path.

We often wake up one day and realize we’re living a life we think we “should” be living, rather than the life we desire to be living. Somewhere along the way, we took some predetermined paths, or maybe even some detours, that molded our external world into what we see today. The great news is the same person that molded those paths can also mold different paths with different decisions – YOU!

There is a beautiful quote that says “you’re only one decision away from a completely different life.” Sometimes we have desires and shadow aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden far below the surface. Things we don’t always feel comfortable sharing with others because they may seem odd or taboo, but these hidden aspects of yourself often hold keys to feeling alive and fulfilled.

Working together in private coaching sessions could be for you if you’ve found yourself:

  • Receiving some kind of do-over in life or clean slate (ie. a divorce, kids are grown, job loss, etc.)
  • In the midst of health challenges and in need of additional lifestyle and self-care support
  • Knowing you aren’t living authentically to who you really are or what you really want to be doing
  • A small business owner trying to juggle work, family life and your own needs
  • With a womb and monthly menstrual cycle, but not understanding how to work with the 4 very powerful phases of it for optimal health, clarity and self-care

What working together looks like

Our work together begins with your dreams. Getting back in touch with dreams you forgot about, creating new ones, discovering pieces of yourself you may have lost along the long road of life. You’ll have immediate access to my Ignite Your Love for Your Life visionboard workshop, which you’ll want to do before our first session together. Each coaching session is helping you take inspired action towards bringing those dreams and desires to fruition – into real life manifestation.

The Ignite workshop was born out of having a front row seat in my mother’s cancer and prescription drug addiction journey over the course of 20 years, watching her life become all about her medical problems and less about the life she still was living and still had. I believe we all fall into this trap in some way, shape or form and sometimes it takes something like cocooning yourself off for a few hours to do a deep dive into what you want for your life to remind yourself that you still have this beautiful canvas of life and you’re still very much holding the paintbrush.

You’ll then get access to Connection – The How to Human Masterclass, the program I created to help you build peace, fun and alignment into your everyday. Each piece of this program was work I had done myself as I was going through my own journey of helping my health heal through autoimmune issues and into remission. Crucial pieces of daily life that are so simple to build in, yet so easy not to do. Week by week, we take a different module and integrate the concepts into your life in ways that work for you all while actively and openly chatting about anything that’s become alive for you since the last session. Any fears, roadblocks, amazing wins, we chat about it all as we move you closer and closer to your most authentic self.

What you’ll get with this coaching package:

Total cost: $2,222

To schedule a free 20 minute connection call with me to see if private coaching is right for you

If you’re ready to dive right in

Looking for a one hour session?

I’m so looking forward to being your biggest cheerleader as you navigate your unique path of life, feeling the sense of joy, aliveness and freedom it can bring, even while clearing the hurdles!

Sending you so much love,