Every time I do something new and exciting, I like to share it with people! A lot of you might be familiar with reiki, but just like my earlier post about the polarity scan, it was a bit of a foreign concept to me. I put together a small vendor show the other weekend to benefit a local cancer charity for kids and as a last minute vendor, as a reference from another participating vendor, Rose Fier from Reiki Energetix in Schererville, Indiana sent me a Facebook message asking if she could have a table at the fair. I told her how much we would love to have her there if she could make it.

Long story short, the vendor fair wasn’t super well attended, so all of us vendors got a lot of time to spend with each other and shop the tables (which was still a win in my book). During those short hours Rose and I got to chat quite a bit and exchange stories and I got to hear how she was wanting to use the EO’s in her practice – which we chatted a lot about, and in turn I got some reiki education. But what REALLY peaked my interest is when one of the girls (who happened to be one of my best friends) was talking with me and we were chatting about her health issues and Rose asked her what kinds of things she was dealing with and then told her to sit in the chair. Rose put her hands on Amanda’s (my friend) head and face and after a minute or so, the things she was telling her! About her life, about the source of her health issues, how to try and correct them, it was really interesting. So of course, in my quest to experience all that I can during my short time on this Earth, I made an appointment with Rose and I got to see her this last Tuesday evening.

I went to her completely not knowing what to expect, afterall this session was going to be completely different than an impromtu session at a vendor fair. Since it was my first reiki session ever, I can’t say whether what she did was or wasn’t typical – but she brought me into a room, had me lay down on a massage table and relax. For me to turn my hyperspeed brain off long enough to relax was hard enough, but to keep from opening my eyes and peeking to see what she was doing was even harder! The things she was able to tell me just from touching my head, face, legs, feet, hands, etc. was really intriguing. Where I had blocks, which chakra color kept coming up for her, what it could pertain to, before she even touched me at all she told me I needed to simplify my thoughts and slow down my life – something I’ve known for years, but haven’t been very successful doing. Anyone that knows me can tell you that, but this woman really didn’t know me from Adam. She told me I had lost my “play” and really encouraged me to take a step away from being business business business and really enjoy life and start having fun. No one other than John (my husband) really knows how hard I’ve been working this last year, but these last 4-6 months especially and how much I really have lost my “play” and creative side.

When I left I didn’t really know how to feel, but I was pretty emotional. I can say though that the last few days I’ve been in a better mood and extremely interested in training for level one reiki through Rose (the whole “slowing down” thing clearly hasn’t taken effect yet lol). She told me how much deeper my work with the essential oils will become when I learn about energy healing and am able to use reiki daily on myself like she does. Rose is like a superwoman with all the things she does, she’s really an incredible lady. I had made a Facebook post sharing her business site and I made mention that sometimes you need someone just as much as they need you. I went to my session with her knowing we were going to chat about the oils, because she was extremely interested in supplementing her reiki practice with them, but I didn’t know I was going to leave emotional and after sleeping on it, wanting to learn how to do reiki myself!

I can’t say enough good things about Rose, you should definitely call and make an appointment with her especially if you’re in the Northwest Indiana area. I’m very much looking forward to a great partnership with her in the future.

Rose Fier

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