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Chances are you know someone with Lyme Disease, or maybe it’s even you. It seems like every time I turn around there’s someone else dealing with this slimy invader. I want to introduce you to my good friend and business partner Linda Mahns who has had one rocky year dealing with a host of autoimmune challenges, diagnosis, what if’s, could be’s and everything in between. In our interview she shares her background, what brought her to her holistic practices today, how her Lyme journey has unfolded so far and natural things that she’s doing to help support her body. Linda is the definition of a jack-of-all-trades, just to name a few things from her background (she goes through more in the podcast), she is a core Shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher, raw vegan catering owner in Vermont, she was the owner of the very first raw vegan cafe in Vermont, just to name a few. She’s a wealth of information and I’m excited that I get the opportunity to connect those of you that might be looking for the resources she has to offer with her!

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