crescent moon over River North, Chicago

This morning I got to thinking about illumination.

I’ve long since found it incredibly ironic that when I go through something, I need only wait a little bit until I hear similar stories from those around me going through similar things. Like there’s a collective experience we’re all going through together in different ways.

The theme this time around? Betrayal, lies, deceit, broken trust and illumination of the truth.

Talk about a bite with spice. Ouch.

Shamans believe that we each have our own dream that we’re actively creating choice by choice, and those individual dreams create the collective dream of the planet. If you don’t like the dream you’re creating/living, you’re the only one that has the power to change it. Changing your dream means making different choices. It means taking ownership. It means healing. It means taking a road most people bypass to stay in victimhood, sadness and disappointment – because let’s face it, those feelings feel really familiar to us as humans. Hurt people hurt people. And the cycle continues generation after generation until it’s healed. (PS – Netflix has a series called Another Self, highly recommend!)

Or, you can play the game of life and understand that there is a higher plan at work and maybe these people and situations are in your life to give you the fire you need to make different choices. To take care of yourself in different ways. To step into your fullness, your “too much,” your radiance. You need to take the steps though.

Grow from the situation afoot. How is it actually helping you in life? What is the invitation to do things differently going forward? There’s that old saying that everything starts with you. People are just mirrors reflecting something back to you, what you do with it is up to you.

Again, if you don’t like the dream you’ve created, make different choices and change it. Or don’t and stay where you are. Up to you really.

A lesson I’ve learned – if you want a different experience, you need only ask for it. My recent one? “Please bring people into my life I can trust completely without hesitation.”

And … like a magnet, it happens one way or the other.

Cue illumination 🧚‍♀️

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