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Chances are you might have grown up in a family and then in a world that didn’t teach you how to prioritize yourself. I didn’t either, and that led me down a really rough path of a lot of horrible experiences. Through those horrible experiences though, I gained a lot of wisdom, tools, resources and perspective shifts that I’d love to give to you. I also happen to have enlisted the help of some pretty fantastic people who I’d love to introduce you to as well! Throughout my own personal journey, I learned how to heal through burnout of all kinds (career/work, caregiving, mental, etc.), rebound from autoimmune diseases, death, loss, divorce, desecration on more levels and more times than I can count – and even all the while managing to find joy in the most seemingly insignificant places. I’ve developed courage, resilience and boundless joy and magic-seeing eyes as side effects also =)

While we all come from varying degrees of backgrounds and upbringings, we all have one thing in common – we’re here for the human experience and we can change our view of those experiences in a moment’s notice.

I would love to help guide you through a journey of discovering how amazingly delicious it is to get ourselves back on our list and how fun life becomes when we drop all the should’s and have-to’s and create the time for the feel-good’s and desires and want-to’s. I want to help you rediscover your spark and allow it to glow so bright it’ll be hard to lose it again, even during the times of stress and chaos.

You’re human. Stress, burnout and exhaustion are unfortunately part of our human experience.

Connection isn’t designed to help you conquer these things, if it were I’d be setting you up to fail. I love shooting it to you straight, so here’s the truth I learned the hard way – no matter how amazing you are at your self-care or playing and being joyful and kind, life will still come by every once in a while to blindside you right into heartbreak. It’s going to happen. Connection is a toolkit for both the everyday magic, the mundane, the chaotic days, the unexpected tragedies and everything in between. Life is a flow, a dance, and Connection is an invitation to live your life differently.

Are you ready to do life in a different way?