Sometimes life comes right along side you and blindside’s the shit out of you with something you may or may not have seen coming, but sure weren’t ready for. It’s in these times a lot of us somehow someway create a protective shield around us and head into a bit of a fog. Physically we’re here, but mentally, emotionally, energetically…. we’re somewhere else.

Planning for chaos to happen is smart. As humans, chaos in our lives is something we can bank on happening every now and then. Yes, some more than others experience this more often, but you can rest assured most people will encounter instances of grief, loss, tragedy, uprooting change, etc. at some point in their lives.

Sometimes, keeping things basic and simple are what matters most. Focusing on the basic necessities you know you need to make it through your day helping to support your mind and body.

In this video, I share with you part of my most recent journey and a new way I’m utilizing my morning routine to help set my day up to make sure at the very least my basic needs are met.

For help creating your morning routine and other self-care constructs and containers to help guide your day and connect back to yourself, be sure to check out my new virtual program Connection.

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