TBT to 2017 for my very first firewalk.

The premise? If you can walk barefoot across hot coals and not get burned, what else in your life have you believed to be true that may not be?

I have so much compassion for this girl. She had absolutely no idea what the next 5 years of life were going to look like. Bright spots, sure, but mostly really hard, gut-wrenching lessons and the undoing of a life that never actually fit to begin with.

This morning, and every morning really, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that there are so many bright new beginnings happening for so many people around me and in my own life. New beginnings after a very long waiting and suffering game. Just in the last day a friend got a huge job offer he’s been waiting on and praying for since May. Another friend figured out what’s been making her deathly sick since around the same time. Another has been receiving very blatant signs and synchronicities that their person is coming into their life soon.

As the seasons get ready to change, we can feel a bit of destabilization as our bodies prepare for the new season ahead. Transitioning from the energized go-go-go of summer to the wrapping up and harvesting of all the hard work we’ve done for fall ahead – how can you breathe into the new possibilities and new beginnings that are waiting for you? What has shifted for you in recent weeks? Where have your eyes been opened a bit more?

Sometimes these shifts are super subtle and sometimes they’re life-altering, and anywhere in between and beyond. It can also be the shedding of layers, like a snake shedding its old skin.

Fun fact about snakes – they grow their new skin before they can shed their old skin. I don’t know about you, but I sure feel that way recently. The new, expansive self literally tears open the old to shed it. If you’ve felt a bit fire-y (think anger, frustration, annoyed, etc) for seemingly no reason, it could’ve been the fuel that was needed to start the tearing process. Kind of like how a butterfly needs to push against the cocoon to break it open, and the actual act of the push strengthens the wings to fly.

Nature is seriously so amazing 🥰


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